Sunday, March 14, 2010

sunday stash..wk11

i've had a productive week over here.
and i didn't poke any buttons!!

fabric OUT

etsy sales.
pillow talk swap idea #1
pillow talk swap idea #2
zipper tutorial fabric... almost done!!
elijah's quilt
new MBS tutorial

and friday night.
a bunch of us from the philly modern quilt guild
got together & had a sewing night!
 i worked on this... blocks i cut may 16th of last year!
and haven't touched since...

just a simple bricks quilt
for me.
the backing fabric is the best part... i gotta remember to snap a pic & show you...
after i add a few more rows to the top.

fabric IN
gauze fabric for pillows... didn't work as planned

so this week
2 in
18.05 out

YTD totals
purchased: 241.29 yds
busted: 180 yds
net: -61.29 yds

another week in the right direction!
how did you do this week??


szkornelia said...

Very nice soft colors. I like these subtle and modern looking things.pra

Vicky said...

Love your brick quilt. Sometimes it's best just to let the fabric doing all the talking!

See? I told you that splint on your poking finger would work! ;)

You're really plowing through the fabric and getting it busted! Cheerleading you on here! Good going!

wishes, true and kind said...

I love your brick quilt with the light neutrals! I think that working with these colors can be kind of tricky. I've seen it done badly and beautifully. You have done it beautifully!

rachel griffith said...

proud of you.

and ummm...
i'm gonna need that brick quilt STAT.
just sayin'.

Mary said...

Good job picking up a WIP from last year! It looks great.

I stayed in the positive this week . . . only a pitiful yard and a half out, but zero in! However, I have lots of work to do making up for all the yardage in over the past few weeks . . . Verna and Plume and Make Life, oh my!

Christine said...

It was so much fun! That quilt came together fast- its looking great and that soft backing fabric will make it a great snuggly quilt.

You're making great progress on your stash! :) Christine

SpinningStar said...

Lovely quilt and great job on the stash report!

Amy said...

Good eye on color. Your brick quilt turned out fabulous. I love it!

mascanlon said...

Yummy, made my daughter and sil a quilt using many of those fabrics last year and in just such a simple pattern. As for me I added 8yds for summer clothes for my youngest granddaughter and some pillowcase borders for the challenge. Out...2.5yds, pillowcases for 2 granddaughters! Leaves me in the red (again) I'm afraid.

Needled Mom said...

Wow!!! That was a great week.

I love the colors in that quilt. I can't wait to see the back.

amylouwhosews said...

I love that quilt you are making! It's so calm. I only had fabric in this week. That's not true. I did make a couple small things. Maybe I should get to work right now!

Gina Halladay said...

Hey there! Good girl! See you in So. Cal. soon? July right? HOpe all is well...Gina

oh yes said...

what is the fabric line that you used for the cotton bricks? i just don't know the line. love it - yum

Wendy P said...

Man is that simple brick quilt gorgeous! So soothing with the tan/taupe/golds on white.

Glad you rescued it from the UFO pile.