Monday, November 30, 2009

always 23

not sure why
but i still think i'm 23.
it wasn't even the most memorable year.
but every time i'm asked my age.. i think 23.. then the right age.

anyway today i'm 23 again.
{my first birthday}

happy birthday to me.

its a girl!!

no not me
please don't tell me you thought I was pregnant??

its my brother & SIL...
so elijah is going to have a sister!
which means i get to work with pink & purple..
and frilly stuff.

i've shown this before.. its their 2008 holiday card.
and this year will be their last one with one kid...
and i'm really looking forward to see what they do this year...
cause i don't think much could top this.


another girl thing going on...
coming soon to blogland.
soon as in starting on friday.
this friday.
don't miss it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

i was in the kitchen.

it really happened.

i didn't light the place on fire.

we took some 1/2 decent photos.

but nowhere near as good as the ones that pioneer woman & bakerella take.

but i tried.

and i did have some fun.

shocking i know.

and in case you are related to me.
or really know me.
and didn't believe that i was in the kitchen.
mom snapped a pic of me as proof.

i did it.
yes i did.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

the shop is open!

if all goes well i have lots more to put in the shop...
because i need lots more room in the studio!


and rachel is having a sale... she moved it to cyber monday... so check it out then!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

essence turnover topper

another new bake shop tutorial for you all!!

its super easy.. and fast... you could even make it today before thanksgiving tomorrow.
i dare you ;-)
send me a picture if you make it!
& if you make it before turkey tomorrow...
& send me a picture...
i'll come up with a present for you!


as for today...
it is wip wednesday...
and today's WIP...

that my mom...
is teaching me how to cook.
it could get interesting around here!!

the shop!

in a few days...

a shop.. finally!
more details later today... in this post!!

its the..
make room in the studio sale!

starting this friday...
{who doesn't love a black friday sale??}

all kinds of fabric goodies...
and a few other things
most at 50% off or more!

help me make room in the studio!

coming soon...
pdf downloads
finished one of a kind goods
and much much more!

{after you all help me make some room!!}
hope to "see" you there!

Monday, November 23, 2009

sweet sugar swirls tutorial

back when i showed a sneak peek... a few people guessed this was a tree skirt... and it could be... but mine is a hot pad topper...

my inspiration came from this print in the figgy pudding line of fabric by basic grey for moda
i loved it and wanted a big sugar swirl!

Easy Dresden Ruler
1/2 yd white print
10 scraps of other colors
5/8yd backing fabric
batting {at least 19" square}
silver teflon fabric {at least 19" square}
scrap of fusible web

1. use the easy dresden ruler to cut 10 white wedges and 10 assorted wedges from scraps. Cut them at the full 8" size.

2. piece them into a circle making sure you place a white wedge in between each color. press to the dark fabrics.

3. find a scrap of batting that is large enough...

4. and trim around leaving about 1/2" or so.

5. repeat with backing fabric.

6. and lastly with the silver teflon fabric... it feels more like plastic and is available at most shops & chain stores.. it is often used to make ironing board covers and pot holders.

7. now its time to layer. start with the silver teflon fabric shiny side down, then batting, then backing fabric right side up... and lastly your sugar swirl right side down.

8. put lots of pins in... and sew a giant circle all the way around about 1/4" in from the edge of your sugar swirl. since the ends of your dresden template are straight you'll need to sew a gentle curve or you'll end up with 20 straight little sides instead of a circle. {i looked it up and its a called an Icosagon}

9. anyway back to the project... trim all around your sugar swirl removing excess batting, backing and teflon.

10. now for the magic... use the opening in the center to turn your sugar swirl right side out.. voila!

11. press your sugar swirl into a neat circle and put pins in the dark sections. using a walking foot quilt straight lines from one end to another in the middle of the white areas. {do this a total of 5 times}

12. this should be your result.

13. now we need to cover up the hole in the middle... i used a CD as my template and traced it on a piece of fusible web. iron it on the white fabric and cut it out.

14. place it in the center on top of the silver teflon fabric and iron in place.

15. sew a zig zag stitch around the entire circle. I did a wide zig zag that was close together... but not as tight as a satin stitch. {my machine was at 4 for a width and 1.5 for a length}

16. you should end up with it looking like this.

and your done!!!

1. this also works as a candle mat... with or without the silver teflon fabric
2. if you are going to use this for really hot things... it can't hurt to use 2 layers of silver teflon fabric and 2 layers of batting.
3. to make this a mini tree shirt... sew all the wedges together except for the last seam. trim 1/2" off of each of these pieces. {where the seam would have been} repeat remainder of steps... but in step 8 sew around the outside.. down one straight wedge.. around the inner ring and back up the other straight side.. leaving an opening to turn somewhere.... you won't need to make a center because that is where the tree will be!


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{144 x 144}



© 2009-2022 Julie R. Herman. All rights reserved.
No part of this tutorial or pattern may be reproduced without written consent of Jaybird Quilts. 
Items from this pattern may not be produced for commercial resale. 

Friday, November 20, 2009

i've been productive.

as you know i signed up for this...
and admitted 14.

since then i've been busy!

my sig swap blocks have been signed & mailed out...

i found time to quilt this for my mom..
its been just a top since i did this tutorial for you

i also finished this..
not a tree skirt.. but there is a secret inside...
i'll have the tutorial for you next week!

and i got this baby done...
she'll be on the bake shop for ya next week.

i love crossing things off on lists as finished!!!

so i guess that counts as 3 done.. 11 to go.
since i have to wait for the sig swap blocks to come back to me.

i have been working on lots
and like amy i have lots going on i can't share yet.
different kind of lots.
but good stuff.
anyway its hard to not show you & tell you everything.
but i promise as soon as i can.
i will.

so have you been productive??

Thursday, November 19, 2009

cancer is sew done

i was reading anna michelle quilts blog and learned about
cancer is sew done
and knew that i HAD to join.

its a bee.. where you make blocks.. that will be turned into quilts..
that will be auctioned off to raise money for alex's lemonade stand.

i've done work for alex's lemonade stand before
{that's me in the purple.. and yes i made the tablecloth & the shirts}

& they are a great organization
and I have many reasons to support groups like them that raise $$ and awareness for cancer.
some like lauren you know about.

so check it out
& join us!

Visit Cancer is Sew Done

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wip wednesday... wonky log cabins

on sunday i taught over at spool
it's a 2 part class to make a wonky log cabin table runner like this

here are some wips from students in the class

we had a lot of fun... and we'll be having class again this coming sunday to finish them!