About Me


My name is Julie Herman & I live in the San Diego area.

I started sewing in 2002 & started blogging in May of 2009. The goal when I started my blog was to share my quilts & have a journal of them. I'm a girl who loves fabric and loves to design & sew quilts!

Since starting my blog, I've been published in many magazines. I started my own pattern company & developed the Jaybird Quilts family of rulers: Hex N MoreSidekick, Mini Hex N More & Super Sidekick.

I've written some Block of the Month books: Sweet Tooth, Gravity, Park Bench & Toes in the Sand.

I wrote Skip the Borders and contributed to Fun-Size Quilts, both published by Martingale. You can find them in local quilt shops & bookstores. I also have done many free online tutorials.


Why Jaybird you ask? Childhood nickname given to me by my brother. You might notice that most of my older posts as well as many of my casual posts lack the use of capital letters and proper grammar. I have a personal dislike of capital letters but I know they help readability so I'm working on it!

There are lots of ways to contact me. I have an online shop that has my book & other items from time to time.


Some Personal Stuff
I was born & raised in Philadelphia and moved to California in the summer of 2011. I often blog about Elijah, Aliyah, & Jonah. They are my nephews and niece. Sometimes I post photos that my brother Brad & his wife Karin have taken too, especially now that I see them all more often!


If you are new to my blog...
You can read my 10 things about me you don't know post to learn even more.
The Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild did a spotlight on me that also lets you know more.