Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Introducing the Sidekick!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
I am excited to share the Sidekick ruler with you today!! 

This new ruler cuts diamonds, triangles & half triangles.

The ruler even has its own hashtag! #sidekickruler 
Use it when you post about your ruler on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & more!

Each ruler comes with full color directions.

The Sidekick and Hex N More rulers can work together or alone. The shapes and sizes cut from each ruler can work together to make unique and interesting designs. 

All of the pieces can be rotary cut from strips! Here is a peek at the inside of the directions.

I have also filmed a video tutorial on how to use the ruler.


I also have put together three new "Little" patterns that work with the Sidekick.

First up is Giggles!!

This adorable baby quilt comes together fast using 10" squares or a Layer Cake. I used the Bright Kona Solids with an Ann Kelle Remix print for a little pop with the binding.

Here is the back of the pattern. Each pattern has its own hashtag! #GigglesQuilt

Next up is Seaside!

The Seaside Table runner is make from just one shape... the diamond!!  I used Violet Craft's Waterfront Park with Kona Iron for the background.
Here is the back of the pattern. The hashtag for this pattern is #SeasideQuilt

Last but not least is Rock Candy!
Rock Candy is a hexagon table topper made from a charm pack. I used the Sunset Kona Solids with some black to make the colors pop!

Here is the back of the pattern. The hashtag for this pattern is #RockCandyQuilt
When is it all available?

The Sidekick rulers will start shipping to shops at the end of the week.

The patterns will start shipping to shops on 8/2.

I will also have the rulers & patterns with me at the Long Beach Quilt Festival next week! I'll be doing demos of the ruler so stop by to check it out!! We are in Booth #1538

Where is it made? 

In the USA! I could have sourced it out of the country and saved money, but it was important to me to produce it here. (The Hex N More is made here too!) All of my patterns are also printed in the USA. 

How does it work

Full color instructions are included with each ruler. I will also be posting step by step cutting directions with photos in the coming weeks.

The suggested retail price is $17.95 

More Questions? 
Leave a comment!


All of the new samples were quilted by the amazing Angela Walters!

I'll post more about each project over the next week!

© Blog post written by Julie Herman
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Regina said...

Oh I am in LOVE!!!!! Can't wait to get one and play!!! I will be sure to pester my LQS to be sure she has some of these on order (she bought the Hex-N-More because I pestered - worth another try!)

Lazy Girl said...

Congrats on another innovative and exciting ruler! The patterns are wonderful. Great job!!

Auntie Pami said...

How do shops order?

JLG said...

Congrats! Love everything you come up with!

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Busy, busy! Thanks for another great tool!!

Ryan said...

Awesome Julie! Congrats on launching another great tool!

Euphoria Jessica said...

YAY you!!! You're a rock star!!!

Tamie said...

Very cool.

*Cornelia* said...

Im in love with the new ruler

Queenie Believe said...

Congratulaions on another wonderful ruler and beautiful quilt patterns!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

It looks fabulous Julie! Congratulations!

Teresa Silva said...

Geeze you never cease to amaze me. Love this new ruler and all of your new patterns. Especially since they are small so I can make more projects! Love it!

mascanlon said...

I love big announcements! And these are the cutest patterns with the coolest new tool.

Karen Burns said...

Awesome Julie! Congratulations on another fun success. :-)

lissa said...

Yeah. I can't wait to use this one.


Sandy said...

Total awesomeness! So excited every time you launch something new! You're a Rock Star! Such a great 'sidekick' to your Hex n More! Love the new little patterns too!

Kelly Elliott said...

love them you never disappoint!

thequiltedcat said...

Love the new ruler and the patterns! Can't wait to try it out.

barb said...

where do you get your inspiration for such wonderful products?

Linda K said...

What a versatile tool!


Congratulations! I can wait to get one and try it out with one of your new patterns.💜

Dena said...

Your quilts are so beautiful. I'm excited to see your posts showing how the ruler is used in making these patterns... I have no idea where I'll put another ruler in my studio! LOL

Georgette said...

Another great ruler, and the fact it works with the Hexagon ruler makes it double fun. Thank you for having it made in America, too.

Miranda P said...

This is on my Christmas wish list!!

jackiero said...

Wow! You hit another out of the park Julie! Congratulations! :) Jackie in NC

Dorian said...

What a great looking ruler Julie! I love your rock candy quilt.

Kari Ramsay said...

Congrats! Very happy for you! i'm so glad everything is going so well and you are coming up with amazing ideas always!

Karen said...

Have your HexNMore ruler and am looking forward to getting this one! See you in Long Beach!

Glynis said...

Thank you for sharing your creativity in so many ways! And for keeping it Made in the USA!! Well done!! May you and your family prosper in every good thing!!

VickiT said...

Wow Julie! Awesome! Since I bought the Hex N More, I really am sure I need to get this one too. Can't wait to hear more.

Vicky said...

I'll see you at Long Beach! Save me one!!

Kay Briley said...

I need this ruler. Looks fantastic and Night Fall is wonderful