Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i am in love with neptune by tula pink
i don't think it was love at first sight... but once i had some... i needed more.
it started with a charm pack, layer cake, and jelly roll... and then lots of yardage!

stack of yummyness from tula pink

i have one quilt done... used the jelly roll and some yardage... and multiple different ideas for the layer cake and charms... so we'll see what happens...

i love all my quilts... but i really love this one!

i quilted it with a wave design... you can really see it in the dark parts...

all folded up... i just wish is was bigger... this is where allison will say "i told you so"

other neptune projects i love!

tula pink's booth @ market ... this pattern is available for free on moda's site and is one of my ideas for my layer cake...


by Shanna @ Quilts by Design


by amy @ Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts


by heather @ anka's treasures .. this is in her new book!


by maria @ passing down crazy

by angela @ my three sons ...this is the front

and this is the back... too cute!!

i hope you enjoy looking at all these quilts as much as i do!!

tomorrow is gonna be a big day here... can't tell you why yet... but you'll see!!
come back soon!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

allison's house

weekends are usually catch up on blogs and sewing time for me...
not this weekend...
this weekend was full of food... people... and a trip to the beach...
i didn't get much sewing done but i had lots of fun...
and i finally got the chance to go to allison's house!

allison is a friend of mine who works at the shop with me...
she is incredibly talented and her house is a great eclectic mix of styles and ways to display quilts!
so here is a virtual trip to her house... since she doesn't have a blog... yet ;-)


the first quilt she ever made...

sweet bird and creative decorations

tula pink bunny curtains!

allison often quilts in cute happy cheery words in her work...

one block wonder

(yes allison i went in the closet... you said i could peek around!)

sweet treats... i love this one!

i really like how she puts words in her quilting... i may have to start doing this!

allison told me about this months ago and i was looking forward to seeing this... she rotates all the cute aprons she makes so that they aren't away and never seen!

ric rac!!

detailed paper piecing!!

i love how allison mixes fabric... she just goes for it

note the knitting basket and quilted coasters... she finds ways to put quilted things everywhere!

the true mark of a quilter... mat and ruler poking out under the couch!! .. i didn't set this up!

supplies in a basket

and more supplies... and hex flowers!

i hope you enjoy this virtual trip to allison's house as much as i enjoyed actually being there!