Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quilt Market Recap - Schoolhouse

Ready for some Market Recap? I'm sorry it has taken me a few days to get all the photos together. I finally caught up on sleep & then had family visiting for the holiday weekend.

Schoolhouse occurs the day before the Market show floor opens. Presentations occur on new fabrics, patterns, notions, books and more. I presented a schoolhouse on my book, Skip the Borders: Easy Patterns for Modern Quilts.

Thank you to Thomas for taking the photos of me & my quilts during my schoolhouse... & thank you to everyone who attended. It was great to have a packed house!

As you'll see from the photos... I talk with my hands when discussing quilts!!

Here is a peek at some of the Book Quilts. The book features 15 quilts. Most are new, but you may recognize a few favorites that have been in magazines over the years. Over the next few months I'll share more about the Book Quilts leading up to the release.

White Stars - Featuring Prince Charming by Tula Pink

Four Patch Shift - Featuring Pick a Bunch by Nancy Mims

In Formation - Featuring Bella Solids

Dot Dot Dash - Featuring a mix of Batik Fabrics

Square City - Featuring Silent Cinema by Jenean Morrison & Stitch by Betz White

Stars and Stripes - Featuring Stitch by Betz White

Raspberry Dessert - Featuring Quilter's Linen by Robert Kaufman

Framed Coins - Featuring Kona Solids by Robert Kaufman & with an assortment of Black and White prints from my stash.

The back of White Stars. I love how you can see Angela's quilting on the back!!


Once Candi & I had the booth all set up we were able to go to a few schoolhouses that other friends of ours presented.

First up was Tula Pink. She told the back story of the development of Night Shade. It involves the Von Black sisters & you can read more on the FreeSpirit blog. Tula had giant quilt backs made that feature each of the three sisters.

Neptunia Von Black

Bella Donna Von Black

Scarlett Von Black

This is Kiss Kiss, one of Tula's patterns.

This is a quilt made from Voile & Cotton.

This is another quilt from Quilts from the House of Tula Pink: 20 Fabric Projects to Make, Use and Love. It is one of my favorites in the book. The book quilt featured earlier lines that Tula designed, this quilt is made from Birds & Bees and Night Shade together.

Space Dust - A new Tula Pink Pattern.


This is the quilt featured on the cover.

She showed off many quilts in the book.

...and discussed the different quilting techniques used.

I'm really excited for the book since it'll give me a language that I can use to tell Angela what kind of quilting styles I like.

Currently I just let her figure out what to do with my quilts. When she asks for an opinion I usually say something about liking all that loopy feathery stuff. {Real descriptive right?!}

It was great to hear Angela talk about what she loves, especially since she is so amazing at it... and I have no desire to figure out how to do it!!


The last schoolhouse we made it to was GenQ. Jake provided a Pinterest lesson. 

It was quite entertaining!


I'll be back soon to share some booth photos!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

3 Year Anniversary Giveaway Winners

It's time to announce the winners of my 3 year anniversary giveaway.
Each winner will receive 3 patterns!

The winners are....

Shannon, Petra, & Dresden Quilter!
Please contact me with your info so I can get your patterns to you!

Thank you to everyone who entered.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quilt Market Snapshots

Quilt Market was great! I have lots to share... but I'm still unpacking, shipping orders, & trying to catch up on sleep. In the meantime here are snapshots via Instagram of the 2 weeks leading up to Quilt Market & Quilt Market itself. I love how fast & easy Instagram is. For this market I didn't even bring my laptop... my iPhone and Instagram kept me connected to everything!

A few quick thank you notes.
1. A big shout out to Rachel for blogging my booth while I was gone.
2. Thank you to Candi for helping me in my booth again! I couldn't do it without you!
3. A big giant hug & lots of chocolate to my amazing quilter Angela. My booth would be empty without you.
4. My mom. Without her I'd still be binding quilts & bagging orders.
5. My family for help with photographing the covers, bagging patterns and supporting me through everything. You are amazing.

1. Quilt Market = new samples of quilts! (yes I follow my own patterns when sewing to not make mistakes!) 

2. Just finished a baby size Radio Way quilt top in under 2 hours. That includes planning, cutting, sewing & pressing. I love how fast this pattern is!

3. A peek into today's photo shoot. By popular demand I'll be releasing Three in a Box as a pattern. Here is the original with the new bigger one made from Flea Market Fancy. The pattern will include directions for multiple size blocks! 

4. Teamwork!! Mom & I did 254" of binding while riding in the backseat of the car earlier today.

5. New patterns are here! ...busy packing lots of orders of Yummy & Varsity to ship out Monday morning!

6. My quilts are on the cover of the Martingale catalog!!!

7. Chop... Chop... Time for more sample sewing. I seriously could use an elf to do my pressing! Where is Dobby when you need him!!

8. Baby size Yummy done! Fabric is Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille.

9. Heaven just arrived in the form of new Robert Kaufman Fabrics Kona colors!

10. Evidence of a productive day. Fabric = Cocoon by Valori Wells

11. Any guesses on what quilt I'm making?...

12. Sneak peek at my next pattern... Miss Aliyah made the cover. :-) I just counted and realized I've made 15 quilt tops in the last 3 weeks, no wonder I'm tired!!

13. Behind the scenes...

14. I can't sleep... So I decided to be productive & finish some binding. Fabric is Summerlove by Pat Bravo... 3:26 isn't too late for bed right?...

15. Happy Birthday to Aliyah! She's 2 today! Where does the time go? She's rocking her new dress featuring Ann Kelle knits for Robert Kaufman Fabrics as made by my sister-in-law Karin. Love it!!!

16. Quilt Market Prep = Haircut

17. 12 quilts bound & ready to go to quilt market. 8 more to bind... And then I'm calling it!!

18. The cure to a long week.

19. Basting a quilt. It's been a long time since I did this. I've been spoiled by Angela Walters.

20. Ombré version of my new Ditto pattern featuring Vanessa of V&Co's new fabric, Simply Color.

21. I cut into my Full Moon Forest stash to bind my new Ballerina quilt. If that isn't true Tula Pink love, I don't know what is! 

22. A peek inside my book, Skip the Borders. This quilt is called White Stars & features Prince Charming by Tula Pink.

23. My new stickers for Quilt Market just arrived!

24. Seven more quilts to bind before Tuesday. Starting to panic a bit!

25. Happy Birthday Aliyah! Aliyah is rocking another dress my SIL Karin made her. This one features Dr. Seuss prints!

26. My new patterns are here!! {Since this photo they have all shipped to stores and are available now!!}

27. Four quilts bound... Three more to go. I couldn't have done it without help from my amazing mom.

28. First Mother's Day in 15 years that my mom has both her kids together! :-)

29. Busy making Biscuit pincushion samples with my mom... for Quilt Market Sample Spree!

30. Purple won the vote!

31. Mom is busy binding the last quilt! I'd be lost without her. 

32. Last quilt done!! Time for some sleep before I head to the airport. Fabric = Cocoon by Valori Wells

33. At the airport. Quilt Market here I come!

34. In Kansas City with Angela Walters. :-)

35. My booth in boxes. Tomorrow this will all magically turn itself into a booth. (or so I can hope!)

36. Hanging out with my book quilts for the first time in a very very very long time!

37. My dinner. It's a good thing that Angela Walters took me to five guys for lunch.

38. Lunch at Angela Walters's subway with Candi.

39. Thank you Liz!!!!

40. Day one of booth setup is done.

41. End of one long day... Time to rest up before tomorrow.

42. I'm an author!!!
43. Rocking my good luck charm.

44. Schoolhouse was great!! I was talking about my new book, Skip the Borders. Thank you to everyone who came & packed the room!

45. More from schoolhouse. Quilt shown is White Stars.

46. One of my book quilts! It features Stitch by Betz White for Robert Kaufman.

47. My quilts in the Dear Stella booth! They had Dance Floor & Chopsticks both featuring their new Petal Pusher fabric line!

48. Tula Pink is popular. It was pretty much impossible to get a shot of this during her schoolhouse without other phones/cameras in the shot!!

49. I'm at Tula Pink's schoolhouse

50. Quilt from Quilts from the House of  Tula Pink book... Love it!

51. The booth is ready for show day #1 :-)

52. Is it nap time yet?

53. Quilt Market at night.

54. Hanging out with Valori Wells in my booth in front of my new Radio Way made out of her Cocoon fabrics.

55. My view from the floor. I need a nap.

56. Lots of fun at my demo earlier!!

57. Hanging out with Vanessa of V&Co.

58. Hanging out with Katy & superbuzzy at the Modern Quilt Guild Meetup! :-)

59. Modern quilt guild event at Quilt Market.

60. Jessica Levitt's Timber... Emily Herrick won it... And I'm trying to bargain with her!!!

61. Hanging out with the mom of Tula Pink.

62. Hanging out with Marmalade Fabrics! Love these gals!!

63. Just spent 20 minutes looking through Patty Young's book, Sewing Modkid Style, & I love it!!! Super excited to make some new things for Aliyah when I get home.

64. Hanging out with Candi in my booth. (#730) 

65. Emily Herrick... Aka the Crazy Old Lady!!

66. We were spotted by the Dear Stella team! We won a bundle of Gilt Trip that Candi will be giving away on her blog soon.

67. And just like that it's a memory!! 

68. Ever wonder what it looks like to have 31 quilts on one bed?

69. Congrats to Quilt Asylum Quilt Shop for winning my shop sample! They are now the proud owners of Radio Way in Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater.

70. The glasses girls. (Anna Maria Horner) ... Getting ready to go home. 

71. Booth on a cart! Happy to be taking less home than I brought with me. 

72. Home sweet home. Loved Quilt Market, but love this guy more.

73. I finally got to bring my book quilts home! This is Framed Coins from my upcoming book Skip the Borders. It features 4 Robert Kaufman Fabrics Kona Green Solids with an assortment of black and white fabrics.  


I'll be back soon to announce the winners of my 3 year anniversary giveaway & show you photos I took on my actual camera!!

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