Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in numbers.

2011 in numbers.

16,055 & counting comments
5,291 photographs

170 blog posts

64 projects started
61 projects finished {some started in 2010}
13 new patterns

1 BIG move.

In January I made the pink banner quilt above & photographed it out in the freezing cold.  My dad quickly snapped a few photos and in that shirt time my fingers were freezing.  In October my brother & I went out for a quilt photo shoot in which I was wearing a tank top and shorts.  I miss my friends, I miss the food, but I don't miss the cold!

A year ago I couldn't have guessed that this is where I'd be.  2011 has been a really LONG year.  I've grown up a lot & learned a lot about myself in the process.  I'm happier than I've been in a really long time and finally feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.  Here is to hoping that 2012 is just as sweet.


edit to answer some of your questions.
1. The large quilt shown above is my pink banner quilt.  The pattern is by Vanessa of V&Co and is available here.
2. The left bottom quilt is Come What May, one of my new patterns.
3. The center quilt is Raspberry Dessert, a quilt design I published in a magazine earlier this year.  For those of you interested in making it that missed out on the magazine I'm working on making it available in another format.  I'll keep you updated on it.
4. The last small quilt on the right is Home at Last my quilt currently featured on the cover of Quilts & More Magazine.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some assembly required

The new Koala Sewing Cabinets that I ordered arrived yesterday.  They came almost 100% build but had some assembly required for the adjustable and optional shelves.  My sister-in-law Karin was hanging out in the studio when I was attaching the shelves and snapped this photo of me.  {My right arm is stretched under the shelf screwing it in place!}

This part was a bit easier to attach...

Here they are!  We each have a Quilt Pro Plus with the optional outback leaf.  In this photo one leaf is up with shelves and the other is down behind the unit.

My machine up & in action.  The custom insert hasn't arrived yet so my machine feels like it is just floating there!

Mom's machine safely stored in her cabinet.

So far I'm happy as can be & so is my mom.  The quality of the cabinets is top notch.  I stole a bit of time away to sew today and loved every minute of it!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Your photos!

One of my favorite things is seeing photos of quilts you have made from my patterns & tutorials.  Often I want to make my quilts over & over again but rarely have the time.  Seeing your photos in amazing fabric combinations is the best alternative!

If you have a photo to share please add it to the flickr group.

Here are a bunch of the photos from flickr.  Check out the group to see more!


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Monday, December 26, 2011

Studio Update

Unfortunately I haven't had much time to spend in my studio since I got here.  Once my parents arrived we began to focus on common space areas like the dining room, living room, family room... etc.  Anyway... I finally took some time to get the studio in order.  I'm not done... but I made big progress.

Here she is!
I hung my Jaybird Quilts sign that I had made for market and love the way it looks.  I made one valance this morning and hung it up to make sure I liked it before making three.  I'm pretty happy with it and plan on making the other two later today. {hopefully!}

This is the left wall.  I used the three white bookcases from my studio back home and added the wood piece that used to be in my kitchen.  Currently I have many of my pre-cuts stored in it since they are yummy to look at.

This is the right wall.  At the moment it is a mess of books, notions and all kinds of things.  Mom & I will be sharing this space so we are sorting through our stuff before we rush to buy new storage.

The corner is also a mess... but it won't be for too long.
The really REALLY exciting studio news.... is that tomorrow we have a BIG delivery coming!!  After a lot of research, planning & thinking... I decided to order 2 Koala sewing cabinets!  Mom and I will each have beautiful new sewing tables to go in our new sewing space!  Once they arrive and we are all set up I'll take photos and share!

Not only did I not have much time to organize the studio in the last few weeks... but I hadn't sat at my machine to sew anything in over a month!! eek!!  So yesterday... just because I wanted to sew... I made myself a new bag from Robert Kaufman's new laminated fabrics.
Fabric is Robert Kaufman's new laminates.  I used Ann Kelle's dot for the handles and Celebrate Seuss for the main part and I love it.
Pattern is a slightly modified version of the Pinafore Bag by Me & My Sister
Started on 12/25/11
Finished on 12/25/11

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sewing gifts for myself

So I know I shouldn't be buying things for myself this time of year... but earlier this week I splurged a bit!

Yummy new fabric.

I've been a fan of American Jane prints for a long time... so I needed to snag some of the new Pezzy Print basics.

....and this MoMo Jelly Roll was also calling my name.

I almost got another jelly roll... but then decided to splurge and get the fat quarter bundle of Reunion by Sweetwater since I have a special plan for it.

I also got some notions.
More wonder clips {they rock}
New hardware for some bags & things
and some new zipper colors...

 ...and a few packages of Quilters Hangup.  They are ready to go sleeves and they rock.  I already used some last night to add sleeves to two projects that I'll show you soon.

I didn't get all these books last week... but they are all recent additions to my quilting library.  I have a BIG library of quilting books since you can learn something new from each one.  My plan is to share a bit about them with you in January... and maybe do a few giveaways too!

Whether you treat yourself to some new sewing supplies... or someone in your life rocks and bought them for you... I hope you get a few new things from your list this holiday season!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Hanukkah

I love this time of year.
I love shopping for my family & friends.
...and wrapping lots of presents.

I'm done shopping & all the presents are wrapped.

 I had fun this year and made bows instead of buying them.

I used fabric ribbon & wired ribbon

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah & I'm excited to start exchanging presents.

If you want to check out a really cool light display...
my brother decked out his house & entered a contest on patch.

Happy Holidays to you & your family!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fighting Childhood Cancer, One Cup at a Time

I don't really talk about my volunteer work much since I don't do it to get a pat on the back.  I'm telling you about this today since it is very close to my heart and an amazing organization.


Alex's Lemonade Stand is Fighting Childhood Cancer, One Cup at a Time


I began working with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation in 2005.  Lauren had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and I wanted to do everything I could to raise money for more research.  If you don't know about ALSF I encourage you to read about it on their site.  In short ALSF was started by Alex Scott when she was just 4 years old.  Her first Lemonade Stand raised $2,000.  Before she passed away at just 8 years old her stand and stands inspired by hers had raised over 1 Million Dollars.  Since then through Lemonade Stands and ALSF events over 45 Million Dollars has been raised for Cancer Research and support of families in treatment.  ALSF is an amazing organization & the core is still encouraging children to host their own stands since every dollar counts.

In June of 2005 my sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, hosted its first Lemonade Stand at Drexel University the day of graduation.  The stand was a huge success and the sorority has continued to do it each year.

I worked the stand for some time in the morning, but then had to go change since it was my graduation day! {I made the tablecloth and t-shirts and they still get used too!}

I continued to volunteer in Philadelphia for ALSF over the years.  When Elijah was diagnosed it was right before the 2011 Lemon Ball and quite ironic that I had already been raising funds for Childhood Cancer for over 5 years.  I was worried with moving that I wouldn't be able to do as much since ALSF started in the Philly area & is much more well known there.  I knew I'd also miss the lemon ball which is coming up this January.

I was happy to find out that they have a growing group in California and jumped right in to help.

In October Variety magazine hosted Power of Youth and honored Bailee Madison for her work with ALSF.  I spent the day giving out Lemonade and educating people on ALSF.

Bailee is amazingly well spoken for being only 12.  Her goal is to raise money & awareness through many ways including raising awareness that Gold is the color for Childhood Cancer Awareness.  Did you know that?


Then in November ALSF had a huge event in LA.  LA Loves Alex raised over $400,000 this year!!  The event had top chefs from all over cooking and sharing their food.  Elijah was invited as a Hero Child along with my family.  I was at the event volunteering.

Here is a video of Neil Patrick Harris talking about ALSF.  Elijah has a prime shot in the video & I can even be spotted in the background.

Here are more photos from LA Loves Alex.  {Taken by my entire family.}

One of the food tents.

The stage.

Elijah & I got to meet Jimmy Kimmel.  Jimmy was the MC for the event.  He is so nice & down to earth!

Alex's parents speaking.

Hero families sat on the steps to the stage.  My parents loved spending time with their grandkids.

Neal Patrick Harris speaking

Here is a rare photo of all of us.

My parents with the Lemonade Stand.  Just one stand... changed everything.

Elijah was a fan of the Lemonade.

So was Aliyah.

Karin & Brad talking with other families.

Lots of laughs.

and lots of great things for kids.

These kids have Cancer... but they are also still just kids.

Taking a break to spend some time with my family.

 ...and eat a snack

I don't help at these events to meet celebrities, but sometimes it can be a nice perk when you meet someone who you really enjoy.  Harold Perrineau is an amazing actor that has been in too many things to count.  He was Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet {my favorite movie} and Michael in Lost {one of my favorite tv shows.}

I also got to chat with Neal Patrick Harris for a bit.


So that brings me to today & why I'm posting this today.
Where am I today?
I'm headed to LA to again raise money for ALSF.

Today is DreamWorks Animation's annual Holiday Drive.  85 charities were nominated by employees and ALSF was nominated by my brother.  It was one of the 10 charities chosen this year.  The event typically raises a lot of money and awareness.  I'm looking forward to a day of telling people about Alex, Lauren and Elijah.  {...and a bonus is that I'll get to have lunch with my brother.}


My advice... Pick an organization that means something to you & give your time.  If you can give money... even better... but when you can't... you can always give time.  I've been giving of my time since I was a little kid and I can't begin to explain how personally rewarding it has always been.

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