Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pattern Corrections

I work very hard on my patterns but nobody is perfect.

Despite having multiple pattern testers & editors sometimes we miss things. Below are the few errors that have been discovered. They will be fixed in future printings.


Dance Floor
Corner Block - Make 4 Blocks
Page 2 - Cut 8 of Rectangle J

Hugs and Kisses
The chart on the bottom of page 4 is wrong. Below is the correct chart. (The fabric requirements as well as the first two charts on page 4 are correct.)

Page 3 - It should say 5 and not 6 in the first chart for King size.

The "Backing" for the Small size is listed at 2 1/2 Yards. It should be 3 yards. 

Some Biscuit patterns were printed without the text directions on page 2. Here are the missing directions.
   2. Use the 45° angle on your ruler to cut the end of the strip set at 45° as shown.
   3. Rotate your ruler as shown and cut a diamond that is 3 ½” wide. Repeat to cut 8.
Pincushion A - Sewing
   1. Place diamonds right sides together into 4 sets making sure that the top points are the same fabrics.
   2. Pin & Sew along 2 sides from top to bottom pivoting in the center. Backstitch at the beginning and end of this seam. Repeat with all 4 sets.

Direction #4 on page 3 says 8 1/2" where it should say 8" - The diagram is correct.

There are a few corrections for the Twin size.
1. Fabric Requirements, It should say 33 and not 27 for the number of Assorted 2 1/2" strips. All other fabric requirements are correct.
2. Page 2, It should say 44 strips and not 36 strips in the first chart.
3. Page 2, It should say 11 strips and not 9 strips in the second chart.
4. Page 3, It should say 42 blocks and not 35 blocks in the first chart.
5. Page 3, It should say 42 blocks and not 35 blocks in the second chart.
The diagram on page 6 as well as all other information for the Twin size is correct.

Merry Grinchmas Free Pattern
Clarification on some questions can be found in this post.

Snack Time
-- Page 5 - It should say 10 strips for the Lap Size in the top chart.
-- Direction #4 on page 5 - It should say each 40" WOF strip will yield 12 triangles. The diagram should also show 12 triangles.

Night Sky
Direction #3 on page 8 should read: Place a background left half triangle and a star point right half triangle together as shown right sides together. The diagram is correct.

Park Bench
Page 30, Cut Background Shapes, Fabric 3 and Fabric 4 should read: Subcut 24 Half Hex at 8 1/2" (From 4 1/2" Strips)

Page 32, Finishing, Step #1 should read "Make backing by cutting backing fabric into two pieces 96” x WOF. Remove selvages and piece them together with a 1/2" seam allowance to create a 80" x 96" backing."

Back cover of pattern, Ruler or Template: Without the Hex N More ruler, you will need a piece of 9" x 10" and a second piece of 5" x 5" template plastic to make templates from this pattern.

Page 2 - It should say 202 for the King size in all places where it says 203.

Page 2 - It should say 8 ½” x WOF Strips and not 4 ½” x WOF Strips in the chart. The cutting directions above the chart are correct.


If you believe you have found an error in a pattern or have any additional questions please let me know. Any future corrections or updates will be added to this page. 

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