Thursday, September 10, 2020

Journey to Nebula is Under Way

The Journey to Nebula Skill Builder Sew Along is under way. Over 5,000 sewists are signed up for the Journey to Nebula & our community grows each week. Thank you! We're honored to have you here! This is truly a global sew along experience with many people from many countries.

The Journey to Nebula is a sew along that focuses on using the Hex N More & Super Sidekick (or Sidekick) rulers to help people cut and sew the shapes found in the Nebula Block of the Month Quilt. The goal of the sew along is help people gain confidence using these tools in the months before the Nebula BOM kicks off in January 2021.

Every Tuesday of the sew along we send an email to all participants with the tutorial video of the week, a quick overview of what's covered in the video, our sponsors for the weekly giveaways, and how to enter the giveaways.

I filmed 3 live videos in August to answer questions and get everyone prepared for the sew along. You can watch them all here.

Now the weekly videos are recorded and posted each Tuesday. Think of them as little teaching nuggets of info that I'd be able to give if we were having a class in person together. 

Signing up for the email list is the only way to access the 2 exclusive bonus patterns that I'll be sharing with the Journey to Nebula participants for free later in the program. [Sign ups closed November 15, 2020. You can no longer sign up.]

If you've signed up with your favorite quilt shop for the Nebula Block of the Month &/or the Journey to Nebula, you'll still want to sign up here to be on the email list for the tutorials and exclusive bonus patterns.

What if you click the link to sign up & it says that you've already filled it out? Then you're on the email list. You'll want to check all of the inboxes if you have an email set up with multiple inboxes (primary, promotional, updates, spam). Where the emails go is going to depend on how your personal inboxes are set up to receive promotional emails. Double check the spam folder. 

The emails are coming from Try adding the address to your contacts so that the emails land in the inbox. Search "" in the email search box to see what you can find.

Then be sure to open the emails that you do have from us. There's a chance that email systems will only receive follow up emails if the previous emails have been opened.

Still can't find the emails? 
1) If you use multiple email addresses, you may have signed up with one & not the other. Check your other accounts first. 

2) There might be a typo in the email address that you submitted to us. Email with "J2N Email" in the subject line,  your email address & first and last names in the body of the email. We'll look for you & update our records accordingly.

3) You may have accidentally unsubscribed or your email service has deemed it spam. In this case we'll need an alternative email address to reach you at.

We're posting and sharing your #Journey2Nebula progress on Instagram @Journey2Nebula. Posting to Instagram is optional & not required. If you do post to Instagram we will only be able to see your post if your account is set to public. We can't see posts on private accounts. Yes, if you use the #Journey2Nebula & your account is public we will see the posts. It is not necessary to message with your posts. For those of you who are looking for more info about what all of this #hashtag stuff is about, there's a blog post that I wrote about Hashtags 101 a few years ago to help you out.


We've also got a warm & welcoming community in the private Journey2Nebula Facebook group. You do have to be signed up for the sew along to join the group. It is not a requirement to join the group, follow us on Facebook, or post to Facebook. All social media outlets are an option for those who choose to use them.

Jaybird Quilts is a small team of two people. We're doing what we can to keep up with everyone's emails, posts, comments, and questions. It's a lot to navigate while creating these tutorials, filling product orders for shops, & keeping up with Nate. When you Google it, ask a friend, search for a YouTube tutorial, or help each other out in the Facebook Group, it really mean a lot to us. Thank you for your kindness when you do reach out for help. It goes a long way these days.

You are welcome to make this Journey to Nebula your own. Do what works for you, take the tips & guidance that work for you, and leave the rest. We're glad to have you here, however you choose to participate.

© Blog post written by Julie Herman
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