Friday, August 23, 2013

Hashtags 101

A hashtag is a word or a phrase that begins with the # symbol. They are commonly used throughout Social Media to group & search common items.

For example you can use the hashtag #JaybirdQuilts on Instagram whenever you post a photo of a project you are working on from one of my patterns or rulers. 

Hashtags can also be used on Twitter, Facebook, PinterestFlickr & more!

Each of my patterns will now have its own hashtag printed on the back of the pattern.

For example here is the back of my Seaside pattern. You can see that the hashtag is #SeasideQuilt

Capitalization does not matter with hashtags. #JaybirdQuilts is the same as #jaybirdquilts or #JAYBIRDQUILTS and so on.

Each of my new patterns has a bubble of info containing its hashtag now printed on the back of the pattern. As I go back to print with each of my older patterns I'll add the appropriate hashtag as well. At the bottom of this page you'll find a list of all the hashtags for my patterns.

With Instagram you have to put the hashtag in the caption or a comment on your own photo. 

For example: If I write "I love what you did with the #sidekickruler & those fabrics!" on your photo it will not show up in the search of #sidekickruler. The hashtag in my comment will become a link, but it will only show up in the searches if you add it to a comment.

Below you can see the caption I put on this photo. All of the hashtags are blue because they are now links to searches for that hashtag. @annkelle is also blue because it links to her profile.

Here are some screen shots from Instagram on my iPhone of my hashtags. I love seeing what you make & hashtags make it so easy to follow along!

Toes in the Sand has the hashtag #ToesInTheSandQAL because we started the hashtag as a Quilt Along. Feel free to join in at any time or post photos of your finished quilt!

Pattern Name Hashtag
Opposites Attract#OppositesAttractQuilt
Dance Floor#DanceFloorQuilt
Dot Party#DotPartyQuilt
Hugs & Kisses#HugsandKissesQuilt
Fast Forward#FastForwardQuilt
Plaid Parade#PlaidParadeQuilt
Off the Rail#OffTheRailQuilt
Jawbreaker Pillow#JawbreakerPillow
Come What May#ComeWhatMayQuilt
Radio Way#RadioWayQuilt
Three in a Box#ThreeInABoxQuilt
Northern Lights#NorthernLightsQuilt
Candy Dish Pillows#CandyDishPillow
Tasty Table Runner#TastyQuilt
Science Fair#ScienceFairQuilt
Toes in the Sand#ToesInTheSandQAL     
Snack Time#SnackTimeQuilt
Tiny Dancer#TinyDancerQuilt
Giggles Baby Quilt#GigglesQuilt
Seaside Table Runner#SeasideQuilt
Rock Candy Table Topper     #RockCandyQuilt
Hex N More#HexNMore
Skip the Borders#SkipTheBorders

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Sandy said...

Thank you for taking the time to explain the explosion of hashtags throughout social media! Your explanation is so clear! Nice opportunity to see how others are using your awesome rulers & patterns!

mascanlon said...

Had no idea hash tags weren't case sensitive! Thanks for the good information Julie.

Patty said...

Thanks for explaining hashtags,so good to see how successful you've become.

Anonymous said...

Love your patterns and book! Thanks for the explanation but when I went to FB and put #northernlightsquilt in the search bar, all I got was directed to a web search site--evidently some of us are just too dense to learn some of this stuff :).

Lorna McMahon said...

I am doing my bestest to keep up to all the latest thingamabobs. Thank you for this post. My daughter, who is turning 14 in a week, gets tired of answering questions! Thank you for making your "Skip the Borders" book, too!


Thanks, Julie!
I had no idea what this # stuff was all about. great tutorial for me!

Anonymous said...

That was great ... thanks for the explanation!

Karen said...

Finally someone has taken the time to explain hashtags to the social media challenged! Thanks Julie!

Queenie Believe said...

Thank you for this awesome post. I was rather clue-free regarding hashtags. Now I know - thanks!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

terrieannie said...

Thanks so much for the quick lesson on hashtags. They started appearing everywhere and I never knew what they meant!
Old dogs (like me!) CAN learn new tricks!

CapitolaQuilter said...

As soon as I get my new iPhone to replace my dumb phone... I can hashtag my Taffy quilt and check out all the great samples that people have made.