Thursday, May 10, 2012


Next up is Ballerina! I adore this pattern. These blocks are BIG. Each one is made from a fat quarter. Having Aliyah on the cover really helps show the scale of the blocks.

Here is the back. It has 4 sizes. All of them use fat quarters! Ballerina uses the 12" Finished Size Creative Grids 60° Triangle Ruler. It is the same ruler I used in Chopsticks & Varsity! It also includes full size templates as another option.

I have made three of this quilt already! It is really fast to put together.

Quilt #1 Details
Fabric is Night Shade by Tula Pink
Pattern - Ballerina
Designed by me
Quilted by Angela Walters
Started on 4/19/12
Finished on 4/28/12
Quilt measures - 54" x 73"

Quilt #2 Details
Fabric is Little Black Dress by BasicGrey
Pattern - Ballerina
Designed by me
Quilted by Angela Walters
Started on 4/10/12
Finished on 4/25/12
Quilt measures - 54" x 73"

Here is the Baby one hanging out with Ditto & Teacups! The Baby version will be hanging out in the BasicGrey booth at Quilt Market. 

Baby Quilt #3 Details
Fabric is Little Black Dress by BasicGrey
Pattern - Ballerina
Designed by me
Quilted by Angela Walters
Started on 4/10/12
Finished on 5/5/12
Quilt measures - 36" x 42"


The cover photo shoot. 
I have over 150 photos of the Ballerina quilts. Some covers come together fast, while others involve multiple shoots at many locations over a few days. This was one of those quilts. Despite all the work it took I'm really happy with the cover. Here was the journey of getting there...

I started out with the Little Black Dress Ballerina by itself. I LOVE this quilt, but I just wasn't able to get a great cover shot.

We tried adding color by photographing with flowers.

We even went to a national reserve park.

I did want to share this photo since it really shows the quilting Angela did. I know I go on & on about the work Angela does, but I do it because I am constantly impressed and surprised each time I get a quilt back from her.

Shoot day #2 occurred at my brother's house.

I took a bunch of the Night Shade quilt by itself but still wasn't getting the result I wanted. {The quilting is different in this one, but also still amazing.}

I hung them together and started to like the results.

Hanging the quilts wasn't giving me the exact look I wanted, but we did try a while.

When I put them on the grass I knew that was the answer. I took 10 or so photos on the grass but one thing was missing. It was hard from these photos to see the scale of the blocks. These are BIG blocks &  I wanted to make sure the cover showed that.

 Getting this cover was a team effort! At first Aliyah wasn't sure what do.

Then Brad suggested that we lure her across the quilt with her favorite babydoll. Law would put her down & toss the babydoll to Brad. Brad would hold the doll next to me and convince Aliyah to come get it. Sometimes he even tossed it to her. 

This went on over & over again for a while. Her expressions were just priceless.

Near the end Aliyah sat down & gave us the "I'm done" look.

As soon as I saw this photo I knew it was the one. The only change I had to make was that her red skirt was stealing the show. A few clicks in Lightroom & Photoshop was all it took.

Aliyah just turned 2 this past weekend!! She has developed quite a personality & I enjoy spending time with her so much. Despite all the crazy Quilt Market preparations I'm taking a short break this weekend & heading up to LA for her birthday party.


This pattern will start shipping on May 21st.

I will have copies of it available next week at Quilt Market during Sample Spree too! Quilt Market Info - If you are attending Spring Quilt Market please visit me in Booth #730. I will also be at Sample Spree & have a schoolhouse featuring my new book "Skip the Borders" on Thursday at 11:35-12:05.

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mascanlon said...

Love these photos! 2 is such a fun age, a little less work but still a bit of a baby! Outtakes are a kick too. I am soooo jealous about market, it will be amazing.

Dresden Quilter said...

Wow, she is so sweet! I love seeing all of your outtakes.

Maria said...

wonderful quilting.. great job
ciao Maria

Cindy Sharp said...

Beautiful! You have to teach that baby girl how to twirl a a ballerina!

deebriese said...

Wonderful photo shoot! This is my favorite pattern so far! I am so excited to get my hands on it! Baby is precious!

Josie McRazie said...

I loev this quilt and can I tell you how GUIDDY I am that Nightshade is now out! YA!! I have been sitting WAITING for that for months now! I just love that fabric!!!

Brad Herman said...

This one is my favorite of new new line.

Karen said...

I really like this one because it showcases the fabric, but the pattern is interesting as well. Seems like the default for large scale prints/interesting patterns is just to have 'chunks'. These blocks have dimension and design.

Anna O said...

Very cool. It's so neat to see how different the two quilts look when using black vs neutral triangles. Both are beautiful!

CitricSugar said...

Thanks for sharing how many tries it takes to get the right shot. I know a lot of bloggers that will feel better about their quickly snapped pics...


I really love this pattern, I am collecting big bright colors, in Tangerine, teals, greys, aquas, and want to make a Over size King Size. what is your opinion on this, I am a new quilter.


PS, from Reading, I need the ruler and the book or can I just buy the pattern?

Ramona said...

Can't say enough about these quilts and your fabric choices. And you're right, Angela Walters' quilting is always a delightful surprise. Saw the feathers in the Little Black Dress detail and thought "yes!"...then saw the Nighshade and thought "awesome". She definitely complements the fabrics and pattern.
I will definitely be buying this pattern. Can really show off a fabric print.

gale said...

I really love this one. I like the big blocks. I loved reading how you got the pictures taken! Aliyah is adorable!!

Patricia Lessell said...

The quilts are just gorgeous. Aliyah looks so much like you. She is a little sweetie that's for sure. So cute!!
Patti xxx

terrieannie said...

I especially love Ballerina... the quilt AND your niece! Will you have a PDF of this pattern?
I'm liking the digital version of patterns better as time goes by, mainly for instant gratification but also because of less visual 'clutter' in my sewing room.

Shan said...

Thanks for sharing this pattern. It will be #11 on my 12 in 2012 challenge for for myself.

Unknown said...

She is so cute! And love the quilts!

KittyAnn said...

Wow! Love them all! Thank you for the nice close-ups of the quilting, it is fab! I too would love to purchase the patterns digitally if possible. Great job! Keep 'em coming! =0)

Dora, the Quilter said...

I love the cover photo--Aliyah does help enhance the quilts--as does Angela's quilting.
Have fun at market!

Holley said...

I love ballerina! It is lovely. Would it be difficult for beginners? I'm thinking of having our girl scout troop make a troop blanket for meetings.

Holley said...

I love the Ditto you made for Quilt Market. Those colors and fabrics are gorgeous!

Shauna said...

I love this design! and what beautiful quilting! Absolutely stunning!!

Reba said...

I love reading your stories of taking pics of your quilts as much as I love going gaga over your art. I am in love with your patterns and gotta figure out which ones to order. You are one talented young lady, Jaybird!