Monday, April 23, 2012

Varsity - Quilt Pattern

The first of my new patterns is Varsity. She features big & bold zig zags and diamonds.

Usually my cover samples are lap or youth size but I just couldn't help myself & I made the Twin size of Varsity. This quilt is super easy to put together and I got the top done in a day.

I included 5 sizes!
This quilt uses the large 12" Finished Size 60° Triangle Ruler from Creative Grids.  It is the same ruler that I used with Chopsticks.

Quilt Details
Fabric is Modernology by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery
Pattern - Varsity
Designed by me
Quilted by Angela Walters
Started on 1/27/12
Finished on 3/23/12
Quilt measures - 62" x 84"


As usual... here are some of the outtakes.

As soon as I finished the quilt I took it out back and hung it on our fence. The sun wasn't in the direction I wanted so I knew pretty quick this wasn't going to work.

Mom & Dad keeping warm while I took some photos of yummy.

My brother came to visit the next day, so I took advantage of that & we headed out to try and get some good shots. It was windy.

...really really windy.

crazy wind!

and cold too!

This featured the quilt well, but we couldn't get it to stay in place without me holding it.

 Back to another wood fence, still fighting with the wind.

Maybe we can get a good shot if I'm hiding under the quilt...

A bit better... but still not right.

It was so uncomfortable & awkward under the quilt!... and in the end I didn't even end up using any of these photos!

I liked this one. If only the odd shadows weren't on the quilt.

In the end a photo where the wind worked in our favor ended up being the best. I'm actually holding the quilt. A big thanks to my brother for taking this photograph.
I also love the cover because it really shows off Angela's quilting. Angela quilted continuous feathers to fill in the diagonal parts of the blocks. Within the background triangles, she kept with the feather theme and quilted all-over feather designs.

This pattern will start shipping on May 1st!

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Melissa P said...

You and Angela make a winning combination. I love the outtakes from your photo shoot. Thanks for sharing them.

**nicke... said...

this cracked me up! i am glad you were able to persevere and get the perfect picture! :) great looking quilt julie! xo

Cindy Sharp said...

Thank you God for brothers! Mine helps me take pictures sometimes too.

Fran said...

Yay! I have the ruler from the chopsticks quilt so this will be perfect!

Jessica said...

I had to go back to the last post to remember what fabrics you used for this- I love that navy print as the background and might have to go build up my stash now! <3 Pat Bravo.

Jenny said...

That's hilarious!! Love the quilt!

Queenie Believe said...

Definitely Quilty Big Time Wrestling! It is a beautiful quilt. It would be totally perfect for a teenage boy... I mean young man.
Have a great day
Always, Queenie

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

Love this quilt! I'm a huge fan of diamonds (and of yours of course!) . And I love the out takes, you crack me up!

Brad Herman said...

Thanks for the photo shout out :D

Kate Brown said...

LOL that was definately a lot of work! I love the quilt and by the way it was behaving for the pictures it definately has its own personality!!

Lisa said...

I love Them. The photo's are wonderful. I am in WV the wind today blew over the basketball hoop and picked up my hammock & stand and thew it into the swingset. It made me chuckle to see someone else dealing with the wind. The quilt patterns look great.

mascanlon said...

These made me laugh Julie! How many people does it take to photo a quilt...quite a few! And all smiling I'm sure because this is such a cool quilt.

Barb Neiwert said...

Thank you for posting all the windy pictures - I think we could all imagine ourselves out there trying to do that. BTW, I like the font you've chosen for Varsity - it matches up nicely with the quilt design. I will put this on my To Do list for this fall.