Monday, April 2, 2012

A few days with family

Last week was spring break and many people went on vacations & spent time with family. I might be out of school, but I decided to spend time with my family too. Below is a recap of my trip in photos.

My new Jo Tote arrived right before I left. It's a DSLR camera bag and purse in one! It was nice to have on this trip.

I also got hooked on Hunger Games

...and finished Book 1 before we even hit the road.

Sunset as we approached LA

Hanging out with Aliyah during Elijah's treatment. {He is doing well.}

Playing after treatment... 

We went to Souplantation for dinner and celebrated Elijah's half birthday. The friendly staff gave him a bag of cookies as a birthday gift and he was quite excited.

Look who decided to join in on reading Hunger Games...
{I think Karin & I were talking about it too much!}

 Reading while Elijah watches a cartoon.

Reading while Aliyah peeks over.

The next day we were headed to an Elementary School where Karin made a presentation on Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. The presentation was for a group of Girl Scouts that raised money for ALSF by selling Girl Scout Cookies.

I had some extra Girl Scout fabric from when I did a sewing lesson with Girl Scouts back in PA last year. The fabric is from Robert Kaufman.

Karin made Aliyah this adorable skirt using her serger.

I cut the fabric into sets for pillowcases.

A quick trip to Sew Modern for some fast sewing and we had 13 pillowcases made in under an hour and 1/2! Thank you Lauren for letting us make the pillowcases at your shop!

Karin talked about Alex and told the girls Elijah's story.

The troop then presented us with a $1,000 check for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

I explained how we often make pillowcases for kids like Elijah during treatment to brighten up their hospital rooms. Then we told them how we made them pillowcases as a thank you for their donation.

Elijah handed them out one at a time.

Here they are looking at all the colors and fabrics. It was a great chance to spread awareness of Childhood Cancer.

It is really good that Karin knows how to avoid LA traffic. Otherwise we could have been sitting in this!

 Once we got home Aliyah discovered Elijah's bag of cookies!

A few cuddles and books before bed.

It was nice to take a few days away from my computer, e-mail and work. Elijah & Aliyah are growing up so fast! I miss Philadelphia from time to time, but I really enjoy spending more time with my family.

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© Photos by Julie Herman & Karin Herman
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Cindy Sharp said...

Spending time with family is definitely the better choice. Glad you had a good time.

mascanlon said...

A perfect Spring vacation Julie. And what a wonderful project for the Girl Scouts to do. I am sure they liked their Thank you gifts too. That traffic? Well it was like thAt when I left Sew Modern about 2:45PM. It was a long drive home!

Gale, Ky quilter said...

Julie, it is so nice to see all your pictures. Elijah looks great, so glad he is doing well. My 25-year-old son is a 3 year cancer survivor and no matter how old your "child" is, it is always tough to see them go through so much. My Eli is doing great, too.

Denise in PA said...

What a productive vacation, Julie! Great photos - and love that bag!

Angela Nash said...

Awesome camera bag! I don't think Mark would want to carry it around, but he's always looking for a good camera carrying thing.

Read the first 2 books again this past week, then celebrated the end of spring break by going to the movie by myself this morning. Love it!

Jennifer Thomas said...

What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for a glimpse into your family & Elijah's cause. Have a super day!

Sandy said...

What a fun time. We all need that "away" time now and again....especially with family. Glad to hear Elijah is doing well.

Dresden Quilter said...

What a thoughtful idea to make the pillowcases. I am glad to hear tht Elijah is doing well. Aliyah is so sweet. Family time is good to get.

kath in ohio said...

Julie, thanks for giving us another glimpse into your personal world. Leading by example...I love that. I work at a Children's Hospital and your posts about your sweet nephew are therapeutic. Thank you!

Patricia Lessell said...

Firstly I am glad to hear that Elijah is doing well. It's so good to spend time with your brother and his family - wish I could. Mine lives in LA too but I live in England and he is fighting cancer too. It's really upsetting to say the least. I do hope you have a nice Pesach. I am making the Sedar again but I love having everyone here for it.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Melissa P said...

I'm so glad you got some time with family. And that you didn't have to spend any of it stuck in LA traffic.

Have a great week!

Colleen said...

I am a new-ish quilter, but I have never made a pillowcase- for my family or anyone else. Last weekend, we had the unfortunate fate to be in the pediatric intensive care until of our local hospital with my three year old son. There was a hand made Thomas the Train pillowcase for him on his bed. During a really difficult time, it brightened us all up a little.
Thank you for making the pillowcases. It makes a difference.

bethanndodd said...

What a fabulous visit with family! Smiles~Beth

Josie McRazie said...

so have you started book two??? LOL! I am not a fast reader (as a matter of a fact I am a VERY slow reader) and I got these books done in a matter of days!! I just love them!! (the movie on the other hand... just OK in my opinion)

Laura said...

Looks like you had a great time! I think it's great that you took the time to spend with your family.

Cindy said...

I'm sorry but I fill lossed. I thought last year you moved from Philly to LA ahead of your parents. I remember seeing pix of the house and your sewing room. Now your back in Philly. I must have missed a post or two.
Glad you had fun in LA.

Paul said...

I borrow Audiobooks from my library.

The Hunger Games is my most recent series. I am in book 3 "Catching Fire" right now. I have liked them so much that I bought them for my Kindle. My daughter read all three is five days!

Great series. If you haven't done so already, you definitely want to buy book 2 & 3.


Amy DeCesare said...

Just catching up on my blog glad Elijah is doing well!!! I think of him often, and keep him in my prayers.