Friday, July 27, 2012

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the first of my new quilts that uses the Hex N More Ruler!

Quilt Details 
Fabric is Kona Solids by Robert Kaufman
Pattern - Northern Lights JBQ 123
Designed by me
Quilted by Angela Walters
Started on 5/26/12
Finished on 7/6/12
Quilt measures - 51" x 64"

Back Cover
Northern Lights comes with five size options.


I used Kona Solids by Robert Kaufman for the pattern cover.

Here are the exact colors I used!

Quilt Top
Chartreuse 1072 
Leprechaun 411 
Bahama Blue 1011 
Water 171 
Surf 32 
Regal 415 
Tulip 327 
Wisteria 1392 

Binding - Iron 408 


Hex N More!

As usual here are some outtakes!

I loved this tree but the wind wasn't cooperating with us.

Then we headed to a local playground. Here I am getting ready to toss the quilt up on a tree.

Law working on adjusting the quilt.

A good shot, but not great. I didn't like how the quilt kept getting bunched in the center & you couldn't see the entire design.

Lets try another toss. (It didn't get much better.)

Tree branch #3

More quilt tossing... I think it should be an Olympic sport.

...and more tossing.

Then we tried the grass. The lighting was weird & I wasn't feeling it.

After we tried all the trees we found this bench. The quilt was the exact width of the bench!

It started slipping...

...and the wind started blowing.

Eventually we adjusted the quilt and got the perfect shot!!

Close up shots of Angela's AMAZING work.

More about the other new quilts & projects soon!

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Lucky said...

I love this quilt! I cannot wait to get the pattern and the ruler!

Teresa Silva said...

This is just the coolest pattern. I'm definitely making it! Can't wait to start it. You have some awesome pattern writing skills too. Your patterns are very easy to understand. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I admit that I am totally head over heels for this one!

audrey said...

This might be my favorite quilt from you ever! :)

Katherine said...

Gorgeous quilt! Oh, the creative possibilities your new ruler provides. Very exciting!

Gill said...

I love it!!
Re quilt tossing - I'm in the UK and the Olympics start tonight so perhaps a word in Lord Coe's ear?????

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

How beautiful! The quilting is amazing!

DianeY said...

I really think this is my favorite of all your quilts! The colors are spectacular! Just curious - have you tried it in prints? (not that I don't love the solids, just that I have way too much fabric!)

Cindy Sharp said...

Love it!

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

That is so the colors!!

Karen said...

This is my favourite of your new patterns.

kitty said...

Fabulous quilt!! Fabulous quilting!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful colors for a beautiful quilt. Thanks bunches for sharing!

Dresden Quilter said...

I love this pattern.

Janice @ Better off Thread said...

Your design and Angela's quilting are amazing, as usual. I love seeing your struggle to find the perfect photo, simply because I always have trouble and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one!

Lisa said...

Another amazing job!!! Can't wait to see it

Dorian said...

What a great quilt Julie, LOVE the colors too!

Anonymous said...

I love the curvey quilt design on the zig-zag shapes. I really like this quilt, and the Won-Ton! Great Stuff!

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Very pretty quilt, I love the zig-zag design!

Sandy said...

Northern Lights has now taken 1st place for me. Especially after spending the last 5 days so close to her. I have quite an attachment to the beauty of that mastrpiece! Love all you ahve created for the world to share!

Sally in WA said...

This is a beautiful quilt! Love the colors and quilting in it.

newmoo8 said...

I made this quilt for my nieces highschool graduation because she loves bright colors.

Lisa C said...

I am ready to sew my rows together. Is there a trick to this part? I have no idea why I'm nervous because the rest of it went together swimmingly! Thanks