Wednesday, August 19, 2009

wip week!

not what you were thinking you'd see.
i know.

but i'm on my way back to la
paintbrush in hand.

so wip wednesady.. is wip week..
5 rooms
1 hallway
5 pieces of furniture to build
3 quilts to hang
countess art to hang
storage to build.
and so on.

all because i love my brother, his wife, and my nephew.
a lot.
{holiday 2008.. my favorite pic of them!}

i'll share as many before and after pictures as my brother will allow!
{he didn't seem to mind them here.. so we'll see!!}

be back in a week!
but don't worry.. there will be posts..
including a new MBS one next monday.. so be ready!


rachel griffith said...

look at you!!!

okay i ♥ the holiday pic.
but the wolverine pic...
that's priceless.
{give brad a hi-5 for me on that one.}

i'll miss you.

Karin said...

Your brother, his wife, and your nephew love you too. Don't worry we have chocolate and Sprite ready to keep you going. I may even make you cookies.

beth said...

just'll be close to M&L. Bet you're dreaming about that a little...?

Juliejaz said...

Love the wolverine look! Have fun with all that painting, building and hanging.

Sherri said...

They must love having you in the family...that's awesome that you are going to do all that painting for them!

Kris said...

what a fun trip! I always find doing projects with and for family so rewarding, but that little guy looks too cute! Have fun and don't work too hard!

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Good for you, I so need to do that but Moda is interferring in my relationship with benjamin moore... plus nap time is too short for painting - it's a late night thing here! Have fun!

Dresden Quilter said...

You are such a nice sister. I have a dining room and hallway that needs to be painted. ;-) It has not changed since I moved in. I hope you have a good time and get rest time too.

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Hey Juli!

Thanks for sharing the pics! Have fun painting but don't pass out because of the paint fumes!

rachel griffith said...

is it tuesday yet???
i miss you.

Anonymous said...

I Like the wolverine look!So you Have fun with all that painting, building and hanging.


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natalie. beyond the reef said...

...did you use the MODA palette of colors? Looks like that taupe color looks like the color in your most recent quilt? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

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