Monday, November 9, 2009

it's november?

really where did the time go..
i have trouble realizing it's november... if feels like march was yesterday.

i spent friday evening catching up with allison {and her kids} at barnes & noble
the kids stayed pretty busy reading some books & playing while i talked about market... gave allison some fabric gifts... and just caught up on life.
when we were getting ready to leave we walked over to the magazine section to check out the new quilty magazines... and look what i found.

yes i let out a little scream.
allison shows her kids... & her daughter lyssie goes "that doesn't look like her"
out of the mouths of babes...
in her defense.. it's a good picture... and at b&n i had my hair up.. and wasn't dressed up.
i was so happy i bought two.


on saturday i taught a class at spool on coupon clutches.
i had made this one as a new sample

in progress....

here is what my students whipped up....
no piecing.. one fabric with contrast quilting... and no tucked corners

wonky french braid with no tucked corners

wonky french braid & straight wonky piecing both with tucked corners

wonky french braid with tucked corners

wonky french braid with no tucked corners
you can't see in this pic but she used selvages & it looked great

and lastly wonky french braid with no tucked corners

they all turned out so different... and still so pretty!!


and sunday... i caught up on lots of odds and ends... and finished piecing my sig swap blocks
now i just have to sign them.. all 70.
i played with a layout & i think this is what i'm gonna do...
an 8x8 layout would use 64 & i'd have 6 leftover... so we'll see!!! still have till tomorrow {tuesday} night to enter my 100th post giveaway


rachel griffith said...

go back to barnes & noble and hook me up. i live in mayberry, remember???

SUPER proud of your mad teaching skills.

and i'm jealous that you are that far on siggy blocks.
i noticed you didn't use the charm pack i sent you...hmmm???

and yes...
this is the first comment i've left on a blog in FOREVER.
so feel special.

Needled Mom said...

I like the layout on the siggies. I should have played with mine before I sent them off.

The coupon cluthches are just wonderful. Every one of them is beautiful. Good job teaching.

I can imagine the excitement at B&N. Did folks wonder what was going on???

Angela Nash said...

Super cool! I think I would have had to point it out to the B&N workers!

And that looks like it was a fun class - you really do live too far away. Chicago is a great city. Have any urges to move? :)

Rosa said...

It looks like a amazing class.
All the cluthes are cute!!

Anonymous said...

Yeaaa! Doesn't if feel good to have those siggy blocks done? =)
Love the little clutch bag you taught!

Barb said...

Love the clutch....and Congrats!!

Audrie said...

Congrats!! :) I'm going to have to look for that mag when I'm at a bookstore next!

The clutches do look so different with the different fabric choices... must've been fun to teach that class.

Leah said...

very cool. the bottom most photo layout is very interesting, i'd like to see the finished piece and wonder what you'll do for borders.

Jessica said...

you lil have reason to celebrate...i don't know how you didn't buy them all!!

and such lucky peeps that got to take your class...

so jealous....

you sure you don't want to visit somewhere warm later this winter...when it's real cold back teach a say texas...:)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What a fun class!~ so many different ways to make one pattern! :) Love the lay-out for your sig blocks.

Jocelyn said...

Such cute bags!