Saturday, October 3, 2009

spool samples

my samples for spool are done!
{go check them out.. laura runs the place & she rocks.}

re-designed coupon clutch.. more options to come as well.

wonky log cabin table runner

with a wonky block on the back with my label...

fq scraps for backing

so why the samples?

because i'm going to be teaching at spool!!
yeah you read that right!

laura & i have been talking about it for a while...
but now it is actually happening!

she will be updating the class schedule soon
both will be in november.. so if you are in the philly area & want to com take a class from me give spool a call.

a bit about spool
1. they provide machines for classes
2. they also provide cutting mats & rulers
3. they have a nice open bright area to work in
4. their fabric selection is small but mighty. laura keeps around 200 bolts in the store & brings in new things each week. every time you come in there is always something new
5. spool has a ton of bag & clothing patterns as well as great new inspirational store samples all the time.
6. stitch party - once a month they host a friday gathering
7. go visit & explore!!


Kelly O. said...

I so wish I lived Philladelphia!

beth said...

your table runner is super cute! spool sounds like a great place...but a little far for me. :)

Audrie said...

That's really awesome!! I'd sign up but the commute would kill me :) haha!

Unknown said...

Both of your projects are really cool. I love the colors and design. Congrats on your teaching gig! That is very exciting.

Angela Nash said...

That is totally exciting! I think you'll get a lot of students in with those samples, very fresh and cute. I've always thought it would be fun to teach a class - do you have enough hours in your day :) Sleep is over rated, isn't it!

Thimbleanna said...

Yay! That sounds like a lot of fun -- Congratulations!!!

Unknown said...

How exciting!! Congratulations :)