Friday, October 9, 2009

is your lettuce green?

i'm here!!
in houston that is... at quilt market!!

sorry i didn't post yesterday... finding time to sit down with my laptop is hard & not all places have wireless... its 2009... come on!!

worry not.. even if i don't post a lot i have been taking a lot of pictures!

my 3am creation... 2 days before i left.

finishing binding on the plane...

putting last minute touches on sheri's sign

picking up rachel!!
{with my new bag... old school full moon forest from tula pink mixed with hunky dory}

some of sheri's super cute accessories...

a peek at her booth... we got a lot done yesterday!

after we left the convention center last night i didn't take many pics.. because rachel & vickie were...

but we had a blast..
sheri took us to sonic... "is your lettuce green?"
then the market for snacks..
the back to the hotel for more binding & laughter...
i'm sure rachel & vickie don't want me to tell you it all..
but once i get their pictures..
i'll share some!!

more booth setup
& sample spree!!!


Stacey said...

have fun!! tell rachel to take tons of pics both of you, i wanna seee!!! i finished my scruffily quilt last night and its washing right now, you girls have fun!! i am so jealous!
thanks for the cotton blossoms, it made that quilt fabulous!!

Cheryl said...

It looks great! What a wonderful, and exhausting time!

libertythreads said...

Have fun girls and take good care of Vickie, she is my quilting bud!

Angela Nash said...

Great use of dull airplane time! Looks like a super fun girl's weekend you started there!

Micki said...

Enjoy the whole weekend, and ditto on taking the pics!

Audrie said...

Hope you guys have loads of fun!!! Can't wait to see the pics :)

Sherri said...

Looks like so much fun! Can't wait for more market posts!