Tuesday, March 23, 2010

giveaways going on in blogland... wk12

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
it's tuesday... which means it's time for your weekly does of giveaways in blogland!

while theses posts aren't getting many comments.. {probably because you are all too busy rushing off to win things}... they are getting a LOT of traffic... so thanks for stopping by!

also thanks to many of you for alerting me about your giveaways... saves me a bit of time!

if you have been enjoying these lists... and want to help...
grab this button... to spread the word!
{code for the button @ the end of this post}


here is this week's list...

vicky @ la quilter
{ till 3/24 7pm pst }

katherine @ sevi designs
{ till 3/26 }

rachel @ p.s. i quilt
{ till 3/25 }

barb @ me & my sister
{ until 3/24 }

tammy @ karamat
{ till 3/25 @ noon cst }

denise @ count it all joy
{ till 3/26 @ 7am! }

bev @ 44th st. fabric
{ till 4/5 }

lynette @ lynette anderson designs
{ till ?? }

nicole @ our cozy nest
{ till tonight! }

jessica @ how about orange
{till 3/26 @ midnight cst }

melanie @ texas freckles
{ until 3/26 }

lisa @ u-handbag
{ until 3/24 }

the purl bee
{ all of march! }

lynne @ kansas troubles
{ all of march! }

matt @ quilter's daily
{ all of march }

know of another giveaway??
leave a comment to spread the word!

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Denise :) said...

Thanks, Julie. You are much appreciated! :)

badlandsquilts said...

Thanks...Sometimes when I originally read someones post I dont have time to enter and would then forget. The last few weeks I've just used your list and gone through them all at once when I have time so it is helpful!

mascanlon said...

Thanks Julie, its always fun to look at new blogs and sign up too.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Thanks for posting these, Julie! I'm addicted to giveaways:)

NorahS said...

Well, where are my manners? Thank you for posting these. I love to visit new blogs! Yours is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Cool, I love your button. How do I grab it for my blog?

allsewnup said...

Thank you once again for all the info! I'm grabbing your button to take home with me.


Heather said...

This is great. I found another giveaway at Green Fairy Quilts for a jelly roll! http://greenfairyquilts.blogspot.com/2010/03/giveaway.html

Amy said...

I'm giving away a stack of delicious fabrics on my blog today:


Please come join the fun!

Thanks for the great list!

SheilaC said...

Thanks, Julie! Adding your button to my blog too...


Kathy - mom of many said...

Hey Julie, Just want you to know I enjoy your blog and the giveaway lists too. I used to find lots of giveaways for baby and child things...but now I look for crafty giveaways to enter. Trying to enjoy some of my hobbies :)

Helen said...

I always have a flick through your list but I never win anything! LOL

I am having a giveaway, from now to next Wednesday, a mini quilt to celebrate my 600th post!