Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shelf Giveaway Winners

Thanks for all your feedback on Shelf. Below is a response from Lauren on the items you found as well as the giveaway winners.


Thanks to everyone who participated, you all have been incredibly helpful.  

The biggest issue that people pointed out was a login problem.  After we looked into this, we realized that it was an internet explorer bug.  We've since fixed this, and now there shouldn't be any issues with logging in.  (B. Greene, thank you for clarifying that you were having issues in IE9.  That extra bit of info helped us narrow down the problem and ultimately fix it  :) )

A number of you also said that it would be nice if you could interact with the site before signing up.  We'll be adding in this feature next, so stay tuned!

And the next set of stores on our list are Children's Place and Gymboree.  

A number of you asked about Quilt Stores...  which although this isn't in the immediate future, it's definitely an idea that we're tossing around.  :)

One of you asked for the ability to add in your own personal comments...  for example, "Shirt for Dad's Birthday"...  This is a great idea!  Thank you!  We'll be adding this in as well.

And one bit of feedback that we seemed to get a lot was that our instructions for installing the bookmarklet were confusing.  We're updating the site tomorrow to include a video for this.  And it will be specific for your particular browser, so that you don't have to sift through all of the instructions for each of the major browsers.

The two lucky winners are:

Blogger Mimi said...
I have already set up an account with Shelf!! Even though I prefer to purchase clothing after trying items on, this tool will be amazing if I can wait for sales and price drops. As well, I am not an impulsive buyer, so this tool is perfect to make a Wish List. So far, the site is easy to get around and use!

Blogger Linda said...
I'll be in touch with you ladies over email!  Thanks again, and congrats!


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