Monday, October 29, 2012

Science Fair

Today I'm going to show you more of Science Fair!

The Cover features two quilts. The Quilt on the right is Honey Honey by Kate Spain & the Quilt on the left is Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander.

Quilt Details 
Fabric is Honey Honey by Kate Spain
Pattern - Science Fair, JBQ 129
Designed by me
Quilted by Angela Walters
Started on 9/6/12
Finished on 10/15/12
Quilt measures - 48" x 65"

Quilt Details 
Fabric is Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander
Pattern - Science Fair, JBQ 129
Designed by me
Quilted by Angela Walters
Started on 8/21/12
Finished on 10/1/12
Quilt measures - 48" x 65"

Here is the back of the pattern. It features 4 size options.


Here are a bunch of the outtakes.

This photo 
A detail shot of the quilting.
More quilting.
and more...
Hanging out together on a bench
Check out my tutorial on how to bind quilts with 120-degree angles to finish this quilt.
We tried to make these bleachers work
...but it just wasn't happening.

We headed to another area first thing in the morning.
But it also just wasn't happening.
So we went to yet another area.

Here I am talking about what I'm imaging in the photo.
This was not what I imagined! 
eventually we got a great shot!!

Here is the quilt in Robert Kaufman's booth at Quilt Market. Thank you to everyone who has photographed it & said such nice comments. It has been the popular star of this show! :-)
Science Fair & all of my other new patterns will be available in a few weeks!
So I'd love to know... which one do you like best?  Black or White?

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Marieke said...

I love Kate Spain's fabrics so much, but I have to say I think I love the black Architextures one even more. Amazing! Very, very cool.

mascanlon said...

I can't pick love them both! But if I can only have one its the white one. I love Kate Spain fabrics. And I love the outtakes, they make the process so much more real!

Jessica said...

I love them both! I'm usually a white space kind of girl but I'm feeling the black even more... and I think gray would be gorgeous, too!

Jaci said...

I love the black one!! I can't stop looking at it, and will now need to buy it when it becomes available.

ewenique said...

I prefer the white one - it pops!

Jocelyn said...

I love that you did both the positive and negative. I really prefer the white, as it make the other colors pop.

Sallie said...


Denise in PA said...

Black! But, I love the Kate Spain fabrics! I will definitely be making Science Fair. I love your outtakes - at least all those shots aren't just a waste of time! o:)

VickiT said...

You are sure persistent in getting those shots Julie. Love seeing them all though. And that is another of my favorite quilts.

I know you have been super busy and maybe you haven't done it yet, but did I miss the winner of your book? I've still got my fingers crossed.

Cindy Sharp said...

I like the graphic nature of the black background. It fits it's. name better.

Queenie Believe said...

This is a wonderful pattern, I really like the pointy edges! The dark backgroud really sayes "Science" but I love the colors in the other best.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Unknown said...

Love this pattern and I usually like the white background to pop the fabrics - but have to say my choice would be the black one.

Lisas Mom said...

I like the black quilt, it's cool.

skippie said...

Can't decide which one as I like them both. So will wait when pattern comes out.

Eileen said...

Love them both but probably white background more as it reminds me of a quilt mom had when i was growing up. Wonderful design!

hilary said...

Most definite the black. Makes the hexies really pop. Can't wait to do this one.

Elsa said...

Really like this quilt ~ such a great pattern and like that you did them in 2 fabrics ~ dark and light.

Donna Baker said...

Normally would choose black because white gets dirty faster, but I adore honey honey it is brighter and just more fun!

Mary said...

Definitely the black one. No one would have thought your photo shoots would be so adventurous. Thanks for sharing.

Sandi1100 said...

Your quilts are gorgeous!!! Guess I would pick the white one. Been enjoying checking out your Blog and seeing all your quilts.

Lisa said...

I like black! As always just awesome!

Nancy in IN said...

I love Science Fair quilt. The black looks dark gray on my computer and I love. Thanks for sharing.

Penny said...

Actually I like both! They are amazing especially that they are made from same pattern yet so different but I think the black is outstanding!

Mary Ann said...

I love them both because I am partial to black and just this year started using white for a background color. I am just loving this pattern!

bee said...

love this pattern! it's so fun sort of hard core bubbles with the hexagons! Both quilts are great but I love the black background on the architectures one!

Dresden Quilter said...

I like the black one better. I always love seeing your photo outtakes.

Aliceart said...

This is my favorite, I can't wait to get it! Since I'll need the ruler as well, I have to wait 'til Christmas. :-(

Sarina said...

I really like them both for different reasons and feelings! Love the pattern. Fabulous! Just fabulous!

Unknown said...'s hard to choose between two such awesome hip quilts! I will say that the white one jumped out at me at first, and I loved it, but then I started studying the black one..and I loved it too! I have been so patiently awaiting for the pattern, I can hardly wait! Almost...hopefully :) Your quilts are absolutely awesome Julie, great work!