Friday, April 15, 2011

Show & Tell!

One of my favorite things is seeing photos of things that YOU have made from my patterns, magazines & tutorials.  Many of you send me e-mails... but you can also add them to the Jaybird Quilts Show & Tell Flickr Group.  Here are some photos that have been sent to me recently!

Hugs & Kisses by Onemoe

3 in a Box by Jan
Class taught by Mi @ The RGVQG retreat in Kerville. About 100" X 100". Since this doesn't come up and over the pillows, I made a row of the blocks with the borders in a long strip to cover the pillows.

Dance Floor by Kim

Tic Tac Toe on the Go! by Steph

Dot Party by Cathy

Carnival by Rachel

100 Blocks Vol 2 by Shawna

100 Blocks Vol 2 by Sonia

If you have made something from one of my patterns or tutorials I'd love to see it!

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Sherri said...

I'm making one of your patterns out of fabric that doesn't exist yet...I'll have to send you an e-mail one of these days...

Fun show and tell!

Karen said...

Very beautiful quilts!

Thanks for the "show"!!!


mascanlon said...

Wow! All the creativity, you should be so proud! I love all these versions of your patterns.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Beautiful quilts should be sooooo very proud of your work...really; it is quite a feat. And you have years and years to go dear....congrats to you!!!!

2ne said...

Thanks for shearing the quilts :-)

Bailey said...

Just ordered Plaid Parade today. Looking forward to it arriving and finding the perfect fabric for my intended recipient!

rachel griffith said...

i spy something rachelish.

Q said...

lovely work from your lovely patterns! thanks for sharing them all with us :)