Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quilt Market Update... the waiting game

4 weeks to go... and I'm in the waiting phase.

Waiting for fabric to arrive.
Waiting for quilts to come back from Angela for binding.
Waiting for boxes of patterns to arrive from the printer.
I feel like I'm waiting for the UPS man all the time.

Don't worry... I have plenty to do while I'm waiting.  SO much to do that I really should stop thinking I'm waiting and get back to work!

I did take some time to prepare a few bindings... so that when quilts begin to arrive from Angela I have the binding ready to go.

*By the way*
I was shocked to get more than 75 comments on my "I'm addicted to office supplies post!"  ...but it sure does feel nice to not be alone!  Many of you asked about the mini-binder & page protectors.  They are both Avery products and I found them at Office Max.
Mini-Page Protectors

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Ruth said...

Waiting sucks. Can't wait to see your latest lovelies quilted and bound though!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I can't remember if I posted on that thread or not, but you can add me to the count...I LOVE office supply stores.

Thanks for the link to the binder and page protectors. =)

mascanlon said...

Doesn't avery just have the best stuff! I am going to stop tonight for that binder. It'll make finding patterns soooo much easier than in a big ol'pile! (Can't wait to see the new quilts!) and I'd help you bind in a minute if I was closer.

Mrs. Hahn said...

PS… Have a I told you I love your blog… I do:)

bethanndodd said...


**nicke... said...

i should make a whole roll of binding to have on hand. it is such a good thing to have ready made!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

How ever will you sleep when you get to Salt Lake?


Ms. Veggie said...

I'm waiting too: When are you going to make the "Off the Rails" pattern available? I'm eagerly anticipating it!

MamaLiza said...

*sigh*...How I was I was able to go to Quilt Market. We are going to be moving from Colorado to Washington...and we are going to drive right past SLC....a WHOLE week early. :(

P.S. The hubby and I are both addicted to office supplies. No joke, I once gave my him office supplies for Father's Day. He still talks about it. :)

goecker said...

Today I found some wonderful "office organizers" at T.J.MAXX - look like fabric and SEW inexpensive!!

C said...

Can't wait to see your booth? What number is it? Will be in booth 1941!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

good idea just to have on hand when ready...I will have to make some up..Thanks