Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guest blog post - Melanie of A Sewing Journal

Today I'd like to introduce you to Melanie.  Melanie and I have "known" each other for quite a while now through the joy of blogland.  She has a great style and I've found her new blog to be a place of inspiration filled with lots of fabric eye candy!

With that... here is a guest post from Melanie!


A Sewing Journal is a blog where I document sewing projects and fabrics that I love from around the web. I think of it as a curated collection of images and ideas for sewing. I love many types of sewing and have categories that include quilts, children, women, home, eco and fabric. And although I like and respect many different styles in all those categories, I try to keep the blog focused on what one might call fresh, new looks (though, arguably, nothing's really "new" in sewing!). I have no real criteria or method to how I choose what to feature, only that it makes me say, "wow, that's great! I need to share!" Feedback from my readers tells me that people like to stop by my blog to see what's new and that they love the same things I do. I also share any sewing I'm doing.

Venti Mug Rug via Melanie on Flickr

Before starting A Sewing Journal, I ran the online fabric store, Modern Organic Fabrics. I'm still a strong supporter of organic cotton fabric and feature it heavily on my blog. And before that, I was the voice behind The Fabric Shopper blog. After running Modern Organic Fabrics for a little over a year, I realized that being a retail shop owner was not a good fit for me. I really loved, and felt I was better at, blogging. When the sadness of closing the shop wore off, I was really excited about getting back to blogging. Offline I'm the mother to three girls, ages 4-10, and we live in beautiful Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Thank you, Julie, for having me here. I really enjoy your wonderful quilts!


Thank you to Melanie for taking some time to write a guest post for Jaybird Quilts readers.  I know there are many many blogs out there, but I suggest you add A Sewing Journal to your reading list!

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Anonymous said...

Melanie's blog is really inspiring--you can see a little bit of all kinds of sew-y goodness there! And, she was the first one to feature my (SunaStudio) quilts :) All the best to you Melanie and Julie!

Ruth said...

Definitely adding Melanie's blog to my reading list! Thanks for sharing!

Life In A Pink Bunny Suit said...

Love the colors and ideas Melanie's blog gives me...just subscribed.

mascanlon said...

I'll add Melanie to my list. I love all the inspiration in blogland!