Friday, April 9, 2010

i heart flickr

for lots of reasons.

reason #1.
because my brother posts photos like this...

my nephew as a viking.
the eye of brad on flickr 

the mini pillow i made him forever ago.
the eye of brad on flickr  

boy & his dragon.
the eye of brad on flickr 

reason #2.

i've participated in a bunch.
most recently the pillow talk swap
where i sent off my hexagon pillow...
and got a rocking bright one back from quiltinkimmie

swaps rock.

reason #3.

did you know i started a group for jaybirdquilts?
a place where you can share photos... of projects made from my patterns & tutorials...
you probably didn't... because i forgot to announce it!
so now i am... go add stuff to it!

like how mollyculley made my giant pincushion

groups are a great place to share what you have done...
and get inspired by things others have done...

some fun groups.

hours & hours of fun i tell you...
but so worth every minute of it!

reason #4.
fantastic friends

heather... aka alamodefabric
heather is fantastic.
plain & simple.
she welcomed me with open arms into bee imaginative
listens to me ramble on for hours about life
she found me some old school full moon forest tula pink
and let me give her blog a makeover.

kerri... aka sewdeerlyloved
kerri rocks.
she has an etsy shop that is to die for... all kinds of cute things.
i stalk it regularly.
& she helped me turn my "ric rac" group of 10ish people.
into the 250+ embroidery & embellishments group!
so many yummy things to look at!

karrie is a hoot!
for some reason she thinks i'm cool
and even posted a pic of my signed mag on flickr!
she makes cute stuff.
and leaves the funniest comments.

angela... aka banquopack... aka my three sons
angela is amazing.
she left the 2nd ever comment on my blog.
{ my brother left the first }
she comes up with great ideas... like her advent table
and she loves neptune just as much as i do.

if you don't know these four rockin ladies..
go get to know them!

i love all my flickr friends!
you guys rock.

there are more reasons to love flickr
these are just a few...

so are you on flickr??
if you aren't you should join!!


Molly said...

I heart your nephew!! He's adorable! Err.... I'm mean scary looking .... (Don't tell him I said that)

Megan said...

agreed! I thought that quilt blogs had really upped my creativity helped me better connect to my passion for quilting, but flickr managed to take it to a whole new level. I can and do spend hours there some weeks. And I always come away with another spreadsheet full of projects I'd like to make.

Craft-aholic said...

I love Flickr too! I spend as much time looking at great photos there and getting inspired by them as I do reading blogs.

I just won my first prize ever from Rossie at the Modern Quilts group, too! So exciting.

Long live Flickr and blogs!

Allie said...

Your nephew is so adorable!
I love Flickr, and spend way too much time on there! I love to all the creativity and color. I also seem to belong to a lot of the same groups you have listed here. :)

Unknown said...

Julie… you are such a doll face!! It really shows your grace by complimenting others and giving them praise for what they do and how they affect you!! I wish more people had that ability… you’re authentic through and through!! ;)

kisses, Heather

Tracey Jacobsen said...

flickr is so much fun... I love to browse and browse and browse... :)

Kerri said...

julie, you are soooo sweet!! thanks so much for all the kind words! i had so much fun working on your embellishment group!!

hopefully we can do a makeover for my blog too!! ;)

Rebecca Maples said...

Julie, I LOVE Flickr! It is one of the first places I visit in the morning, (and then re-visit throughout the day). I think it is the best place to get inspired, the {groups} are the best, (know what I mean?). And I have "met" the nicest people ever on there.

Angela Nash said...

gee, thanks for the love! especially in that group!

I love the viking pictures - nothing cuter than a little viking :)

Caroline ~ TrilliumDesign said...

3 cheers for flickr! I couldn't agree more. I have a huge network of online friends who share my interests b/c of flickr. So much inspiration out there. It's fantastic!

Mary said...

Oh my gosh, I love Flickr too! It's the reason I got into sewing in the first place. I sort of stumbled upon Amy Butler fabrics last summer when I had NO CLUE that modern designer fabric existed (imagine!) Then I discovered Flickr and all the amazing fabric and projects and one thing led to another and now I'm just another obsessed sewer and fabric collector, with enough inspiration to last me a lifetime!

Sandy said...

You had me @ reason#1
That grandson of mine is quite cute, maybe he takes after his aunt Julie, or maybe his MomMom, more likely, he looks like his Mom & Dad, I have to take a little slice of credit for his cuteness! Juls, nice to share others achievements!! Makes you even more special:)

Anonymous said...

I just started to really get into flickr recently and now I'm addicted. Just when you think there's nothing new to come up with go to flickr and find it!

oversewn (Raven) said...

I'll join you in kicking in teeth for Heather.
Way to go for your props post.
Flikr is rad and mean people are not!

Lisa said...

WHERE, WHERE, WHERE did you get that "Mini" fabric???? I need to get some....can you remember?

April said...

You mean I'm not the only person on the planet addicted to flickr????

I have to limit myself to my flickr time, or else I wont' have any time to sew.

KarrieLyne said...

I've been sitting here trying to think of something clever to say but I'm speechless. I really am so touched by your kind words. I might even need a tissue ;) Thank you for making my day!


wishes, true and kind said...

Nice post. I heart flickr, too :).
Heather, Kerri, and Angela all rock -- and now I know about KarrieLyne :)


Jeannie said...

I love blogs and Flickr, where can you find so many ladies that love what you love to do!!
I read a cool book years ago that said "It's none of my business what you think about me." Sometimes you just gotta go with that :)

Moving to Europe said...

this just made me really happy.

yay!! for sharing the love! :)