Sunday, April 25, 2010

sunday stash..wk17 ...blame it on the guild.. and tula pink.

i would have had zero in this week.
oh i would have..

but then i attended the philadephia modern quilt guild meeting yesterday
and at the end of the meeting... tricia said "have you ever been to the little shop.... it's only 5 minutes from here"

the answer... is no..
but i should have lied.
and said "yeah i've been there"
or "no but i don't have time today"
or "no... but i don't need anything"

instead i said... no... wanna go??
oh dear!!

and surprise surprise... who was there when we got there?..
none other than candi.. she also had made the trip right from the meeting!
what was she shopping for?... fabric for a birdie sling!
two other members had brought them to the meeting.. and she got inspired to make one!!


katie jump rope by denyse schmidt

snippets by american jane

nest by tula pink

full moon forest by tula pink
according to candi and tricia i have "full moon forest radar"
here is what happened.
we were at the counter.
getting our fabric cut...
and i let out a gasp.. they both looked at me...
i moved quickly to the green section.. and grabbed the bolt.. and showed them both the end of it.
they started laughing like crazy... that when i wasn't even looking.. i spotted FMF.
i bought the 2+ yards left on the bolt.
and then went hunting to see if i could find more..
and found the brown bolt.. it had LOTS left.. so despite saying that i'd buy whatever FMF i found... i bought 4 yards...
i just can't say no to tula pink... especially full moon forest!!!

speaking of tula pink.
she is now on twitter!
and she joined the flickr group!
did you know i got to "meat" her at quilt market.
yes "meat" her... 
not "meet"
anywho she is fantastic.

& she left this comment on this photo...
"i would lock these in a safe! everytime i get asked about them im just going to link to this and just pass the blame onto you. my life will be much easier. "
oh dear!
please note the entire stack is not full moon forest.
and the few i have... i'm hoarding them.
not sure what i'm making.. but i'm hoarding them.
so don't ask.

2 yards of green bella solids {seen under the selvages}

i'm officially hooked on selvages.
i mean look at these butterflies!!

i've got a few bags of them.
but if you are one of those people that throws them away.
and wants give them to me.. hint.. hint.. shoot me an e-mail!

some more for the hexagon quilt.
fabric for the 2nd quilt for my niece {i'll show it once my brother & sil see it!}
fabric for mini sig labels for circles around

so this week
14.33 in {so worth it!}
4.73 out

YTD totals
purchased: 323.53 yds
busted: 215.36 yds
net: -108.17 yds

how did you do this week?
check out patchwork times to see how everyone is doing!

thanks for all your love on my cover!!
you guys rock.

here are some shots of the fabric... yummy!!

i've been busy putting lots of kits together!!

{ there is pre-cut fuzz all over the place!! }
oh well.. that's what a vacuum is for!!


Val Miller said...

I see that you didn't post pictures of your fmf = I bet you don't want all the freakies to stalk you for some (hahaha hahaha = I say freakies in the nicest way, since I think I am starting to be one). If I ever stop buying fabric, and start using some I'll keep you in mind for the selvedges. And IF you decide you want to share some of your fmf, please keep me in mind :)

Angela Nash said...

Those guilds are just one big enabler meeting. They sure are fun, aren't they!

momto2wasd said...

I used to throw away my selvedges. Until I saw Jackie's quilt when she was in Seattle. Now I will keep them all! And most likely share them because it takes me forever to get around to starting new, time consuming project like working with them would be.

Vicky said...

Well, you did good considering you could have gotten the whole bolt! I was saving selveges for someone, but realized I didn't leave enough color on them. How much color would you need to make them usable?

Lexilooo said...

I don't have loads of selveges, but I can send you what I do have, if you'd like!

Selvage Quilter said...


I'd suggest cutting your selvages about 1 1/2" wide. But if there's a good pattern, cut it a little wider so you can feature it on your selvage quilt.

If your selvage is really narrow, use it anyway. You can put something else next to it. Just be sure to cover up the raw edge.

Some people have made great selvage quilts using practically no print at all. It looks mostly white and really emphasizes the writing and color windows.

Selvage quilting is really a pretty quick process. Give it a try.

Selvage Quilter said...

Oh yeah. What is a fmf?

OrangeRoom said...

So jealous! If I didn't have to drive across the state after the meeting, I totally would have gone with you. :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha - I still can't believe how fine tuned your Tula Pink radar is. I'm disturbed and impressed at the same time ;) LOL.

KarrieLyne said...

One of those is mine mine MINE!!! Yay!!!

Now for that better check your bushes before you leave! =P

Tricia said...

Those bolts of freebird look so fun!

Thanks for taking the trip with me! My hubby was shocked I didn't come home with anything.

Holly said...
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Lori said...

I would love to go shopping with you! I could watch and fulfill my "stash blues"!

Kelli said...

Good job on the fabric! Who could say no to any of that!?! I've been saving selvages to make that same quilt, Its awesome huh!

Jeannie said...

You have been a busy woman!! Like Karrie said "one of those is MINE"!! yea!!!

Laurel H. said...
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Christine said...

Your radar was in good form that day! hahah! Wish I could have come!!! :) Christine

Julia said...

I'm beginning to think reading your blog may be a little dangerous! I didn't need to know (or maybe I did) that this little shop was only half an hour away. I have Booth 4 at Art Star, up near the food and the Chestnut St. Entrance. I look forward to seeing you again! Take Care.

Nolan said...

I am so jealous of your Full Moon Forest find! I just need to teach my husband and son the treat the quilt I made from FMF with the respect it deserves!