Sunday, April 11, 2010

sunday stash..wk15

i didn't do a lot this week with sewing & quilting.
i had a busy week in my "real" life.
crazy i know?...
doesn't my "life" know that i have sewing to do?
just kidding!!

fabric OUT
a bunch for the hexagon quilt a long
and some for my next mbs project!

lots of you are asking for sneak peeks.
and hints.. for the hexagon quilt a long...
and i'd give them.
if i was finished!

this is the sight in my sewing room.. right now.

strips on the ironing board.

a pile of triangles on the cutting table.

and an almost finished layout on the floor.

yes i know.
i'm mean...
but it'll be so much better when i make the last 7 blocks.
so back to work for me!!

fabric IN

so this week
zero in  !!
3.05 out

YTD totals
purchased: 298.79 yds
busted: 205.88 yds
net: -92.91 yds

what about you?

ps... sponsored giveaway tomorrow!!


Bev said...

Your "bust size" is impressive-lol! Stop by our blog and enter our giveaway for free fabric and you could increase your stash without guilt--ta da!

Cheery wave from

Ulla said...

So exciting!I´m looking forward next step so I can see the thing we are gong to do.

I wish you good luck

Vicky said...

Wait, something's amiss! Zero in? Whodathunkit! Way to go, girlfriend!

rachel griffith said...

zero until 22 charm packs show up.
only 7 of them are mine.

Suburban Stitcher said...

OOoh can't wait to see more pics!

mascanlon said...

Well I didn't do nearly as well....12 yds of Authentic, I couldn't resist when I found a FQ stack again and lots of yardage. 6 yds of Fresh Cotton for the hexagon quilt along and 6 yds of Michael Miller Bot Camp with some other prints and solids for a little boy quilt...a total of 24 yds! Oh, 2 Martinque charm packs and a yd for binding for the quilt those are planned for so I guess its 26yds this week. And nothing out...I've been out of town on business all week. I'd better get sewing today.

Sandy said...

Sometimes you need to just take time to breathe and look at the flowers, the ones in the ground blooming,not only the ones on yummy fabric!!
With hugs

Angela Nash said...

Wow! when your real life is busy, you can't BUY fabric either. good or bad?

My week will show up with way to much in and little out!

Karamat said...

Wow - nothing in this week! That's impressive!!

I didn't do so hot... crazy busy with last minute details for a fundraiser event yesterday and I didn't sew a single thing this week! But I did a lot of late-night online shopping while working on the fundraiser. I've got to count it all up and write my post this evening.

Lauren said...

Your sewing room might be disorganized, but at least it made for pretty pictures... I love the shallow depth of field in the last one!

Jeannette said...

Is it better to have a solid or mix some patterns? I was looking at your hexagon button and it looks like the colors sort of make solid lines but when we cut them they are a mix. I hope this makes sense???