Tuesday, January 19, 2010

road to cali quilts

here are some quilts i snapped photos of
@ the road to california quilt show
there were sooo many beautiful quilts
i'll share more later
& hopefully their site will have the 2010 winners updated soon!

my favorite.
i think it was like 8ft wide... but such tiny work!
the artist commented!!
"The Quilt Show" by Laura Peterson
this quilt actually measures 108" X 30"


there were 25 of these... all the same block
sent to different quilters
to show how quilting can change it all

once they update the site i'll add info on who did each quilt..
of course i forgot to take photos of the cards or write that info down..


~Michelle~ said...

ha! I thought that first picture was one you took, and it was just kinda blurry! Amazing and ironic ;)

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

WOW! Those are some amazing quilts! I wish I could have gone and seen those in real life.. WOW!

Barb said...

Some people are so amazing with their work....I am truly blown away with that lion...well..all of it.

Vesuviusmama said...

Oh my, those are amazing. I keep going back to that first one - wow!

Unknown said...

Julie, Thanks for the show and tell! I would love to go to this show someday. The quilts are just beautiful!

Angela Nash said...

I love that mini quilt show on a quilt! Especially the woman taking pictures and the husband looking at his watch!

Christine said...

Those quilts are flat out amazing!! Truly art. Thanks for sharing :) Christine

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Thank you so much for showing these. I love the top one the most, too. It's amazing what kind of ideas people come up with.

Anonymous said...

Oh what lovely quilts, so many great ones, I can't pick a favorite. Thanks for sharing.

Laura Peterson said...

Thanks for the kind words on my quilt, The Quilt Show. It actually measures 108" X 30" All the info is on my website: www.laurapetersonquilts.com. I am so happy that so many qeople enjoyed it. I guess we all see a little bit of ourselves in it (especially the fabric-laddeded shoppers).

Rebekah said...

these quilts are stunning! Love that first one with the quilt show crowd

Tamera said...

I often think, "I will never do something that amazing!"

I went to the website and looked at the detail in that first quilt...BLOWN AWAY!