Sunday, January 3, 2010

stash & spreadsheets.

i've been following vicky @ laquilter for a while.
long before i followed other blogs.
or dreamed of starting my own.

vicky & i even got to meet @ the long beach quilt festival...
unfortunately we didn't take a photo.
but was tired & had a million bags with me
she only had one.. she did much better at not buying the whole place...
{see link above to see the damage of what i bought}

anywho her brutal honesty with her stash report has always been super inspiring.
so after a little push from her.
i'm in.
i really have no idea how much fabric i use up...
or bring in.
it's sad.

most of it is all organized now.
unlike this photo from years ago when i moved in here.

so i dontated/sold/used a lot of it in 2009
but it'll be interesting to see where 2010 takes me.

you can check out judy's blog to see a whole bunch of links to stash busting fools.

so to keep track i'm making a spreadsheet... kinda like judy's
& that is on top of the one i already have that keeps track of all my projects that have been started.
i like spreadsheets.
spreadsheets make me happy.


so for those of you who don't know about a stash diet...
or don't follow vicky {i thought everyone did}
here are the details.

1. goal.. use more fabric than you bring in
2. record & report all new fabric purchases or gifts {we aren't starting with what i already own.. that could take forever... so i start the year at zero.}
3. record & report all fabric usage... this includes donating etc.
4. calculate difference & hope it stays out of the red.

week one.. kinda boring i know.
{but now i have even more motivation to get back to business}

purchased: zero.
busted: zero.
net: zero


Barb said...

A spread sheet, how organized is that... What a great idea but it would take me a month of sundays to even get the fabric on a spread sheet. I admire your are amazing.

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

I think I need to join the club too... after accumulating for 6-7 years before I finally really got started I have so much fabric. I just really don't want to count what I have on hand now...way to scary considering my MIL reads my blog!

Threeundertwo said...

I love spreadsheets too. I've made one for all the projects I want to get done in 2010 - broken down by month.

But categorizing my stash would take a looong time. I'll watch how you do it.

Heather said...

Really, you are going to keep track? I can't do that to myself :) I am impressed! I will like keeping up with it. I don't feel badly about buying fabric, because I use it, and I love having it around me. (thanks for leaving such nice comments at my blog!!)

SpinningStar said...

I'm glad you are joining in on the fun of stashbusting, which is really shopping the stash before you go to the LQS for what you need.

By the way, most of us just track how much comes in and goes out for the year. No one really knows exactly how much they have - it would be too shocking!

However, I have started taking pictures & estimating yardage of fabric that is in tubs or on high shelves. That way I don't have to pull down a heavy tub to confirm that it is just 25 yds of some holiday fabrics.

We try to keep it simple and fun!


Unknown said...

Although, I really think this is a terrific idea and encourages one to use their fabric, I don't think I could ever do it. I could only hope that I would use up more than I buy, but with all the new fabric constantly coming out, it would be a difficult resolution to uphold. Wishing you the best of luck! I will be watching your progress.

Kim Brackett said...

Aren't you afraid the economy will decline further? Ha! Just teasing -- this is a great idea. I should play along, too. I'm just afraid to start counting!

Vicky said...

Hot diggity dog! You're in! I think you'll be surprised at your fabric movement - how much you move! I'm afraid my stash report last year was "humbling." But starting over this year has me all excited about sewing again! I'll be checking in on you, kiddo! And the next time I run into you at a quilt show, I'm going to demand to know the yardage in those billions of bags!! :) :)

rosie/the fabric shopper said...

Golly Miss Molly! I'm not sure I'm woman enough to do this. But if we don't have to inventory what's already in the stash .... then maybe I.Could.TRY! HA! maybe....

Karamat said...

I love this idea! Since one of my 2010 goals was to use up some of my stash I think I'll join in. Thanks for links!

Diane said...

I've had similar thoughts about the process of stash busting in the past 2 weeks. I vowed that no new fabric comes in this year. I had a few weak moments---more like an hour---on New Year's Eve to go online and buy the LAST of it in the year 2009. I am currently working on gifts and cutting scraps and organizing as I go. Taking inventory is a good idea, and while I won't get it done in a day, I just might get it done in 2 weeks! I figure it is also a good way for my creative juices to flow in using what I have---and I have plenty! Let the counting begin!

Angela Nash said...

I've already said that I wasnt 2010 to be "Use your stash year". This is awesome and fits right in. I LOVE a good spreadsheet, too. May have to star one for myself. I definately be keeping track of my usage along with you!

Julia said...

That is so funny! My husband was just telling me that I need to make more and buy less just tonight! I should show him this post! I will tomorrow, he's snoring next to me and won't appreciate it near as much right now as he would tomorrow! I think I like the idea of a stash diet. Although it really just motivates me to make something so I can go get some more fabric! LOL!

Lauren said...

The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem! :) Way to go with your diet!