Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Stash Report - Week 5

This week has been all about pillows and pillowcases. I made a few more pillowcases for the Philly Modern Quilt Guild's project that ties in with the APQ Million Pillowcase challenge.

February is pillow month at Sew Mama Sew & I'm working on a few new things to share with all of you! Make sure to check it out as there will be inspiration every day of the month!


shocking i know... but with the snow i couldn't get out to shop and UPS/FedEx couldn't get to me to deliver anything!!


fabric for a few pillowcases...
that i apparently forgot to take photos of!

fabric for a few new pillows
i'll show you them in a few days... for now you just get a sneak peek

I also whipped up this simple version of the Mini Miranda Bag by Lazy Girl designs for my friend's daughter who is a girl scout. I used the Girl Scout "Patch" fabric on the outside and Quilter's Linen for the lining and handles.

Here I am yesterday buying my girl scout cookies.
I have a serious addiction to Thin Mints.
I may or may not have bought 8 boxes total...but this is a stash report not a cookie one.


Sunday Stash Report - Week 5 of 2011

0 in
5.01 out

2011 totals
purchased: -23 yds
busted: 28.71 yds
net: 5.71 yds

5.71 yards in the positive might not seem like much
but last year at this point i was at negative 131.71 yards!!!

Check out how everyone else is doing!


and WOW you guys want to know a lot about binding!
thank you for all your comments... i've added a lot of content to the post{s} i have planned for you!

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mascanlon said...

No little girls scouts in our neighborhood stores yet but I'm looking for them. Your friends are just the cutest! Love the thin mints too but the rest of my family loves the carmel ones. Nothing in or out for me this week does cutting out a softie I may or may not get made for a shower next week

PatSloan said...

Thin Mints ROCK! Why eat any other cookie...

Vicky said...

Look at those numbers! You go girlfriend!! Nah, you can have those ucky mint things. I'll take the peanut butter cookies, thank you very much!

Brandie said...

I'm sorry Pat but somoas ROCK. Chocolate, carmel, coconut allin a cookie. AMAZING! Love the girl scout bag. SO CUTE!

Angela Nash said...

I love those happy fabrics in your pillow sneak peek

Sherri said...

I also have an addiction to thin mints. That's why both boxes we bought are already gone. Must buy more!

Amber H. said...

Hey I actually have a really nifty calculator for figuring out how much fabric you need for making straight grain binding.

Christine said...

Mmmmm girl scout cookies. Too bad I started back up on my treadmill two weeks ago or I'd be all over that. Can't wait to see the pillows! :)

KarrieLyne said...

Thin mints are my favourites too!!! :) Yum!

Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

Now for me it's Carmel Delights! My brother lives in Philly and he's been having to walk to work since his car is so buried. He said even if it wasn't, they don't plow the streets there very well.

Sooz said...

"may or may not have bought 8 boxes of Thin mints" crack me up.
I'm deep into the GS thing w/my daughter in Brownies for the first time and me co-leading her troop! Oof. We are making baby quilts for Project Linus! And, of course, selling lots o' cookies. I have boxes and boxes in my studio...torture! Hope to finally hang with you in person at the next PMQG meeting. Best to you.