Sunday, April 18, 2010

sunday stash..wk16

i got more done this week...
but i also clicked a bunch of buttons.
oh well!

fabric OUT
more for the hexagon quilt a long
and the rest for my next mbs project!

fabric IN
lots of charm packs.
{some are for rachel... so those don't count}
oh and before where you ask... where did i get full moon forest charms... i bought the store out.  all of them.  yes i did... and i'm ok with that.
i mean come on... its "rookie" tula pink.
you would too.

so this week
10.41 in
4.75 out

YTD totals
purchased: 309.2 yds
busted: 210.63 yds
net: -98.57 yds

oh and if you follow me on twitter you are probably wondering about those 13 bolts...
and why they aren't in this stash report...
the answer is because they are for kits!
yes kits!!
i've got exciting news coming later this week...
and it includes kits that you'll be able to get from me..
and only me :-)

what about you?

ps... mbs post with john tomorrow!


Selvage Quilter said...

Whoa! 13 bolts for kits? You know what that means...selvages! Why not do a give-away of bags of selvages? I'll post about it on the Selvage Blog and link readers to your blog.

You have a lot of cool stuff here! I really like your hexagon. You are doing an impressive job busting your stash too. Yayyy!

rachel griffith said...

go ahead and blame 7 of them on me.
like that helps.

you said "rookie" tula pink.
let's trademark that.

Vicky said...

Been watching the Hexagon-along progress. I like that project! But about your totals - not bad! Yep, get those "rookie" things while they're still available. I've got a closet full of real old Robyn Pandolph, so I totally understand!

Christine said...

Hey you're in the black this week! Love that stack of lovely charms. So how much of that Tula will you preserve for your rookie collection? ;) Christine

Jeannie said...

Nice stack!!
Now kits :) you're talking my language!!!

Kim Brackett said...

Nice stuff! Rookie collections are some of the best.

Anonymous said...

I love pressing buttons. I pressed some yesterday ;)

Cheri C. said...

Question for you: How do you count your pre-cuts? Do you measure the entire pack and count that? Do you know how much fabric is in each(jelly roll, charm pack, layer cake)? Do you NOT count it??

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

cheri c... i calculate it out. so a charm pack with 40 squares is about 25" of fabric... and so on. i do count it!!

holly k said...

I'm new to this language...i get purchased. What is busted?

Karin said...

Don't fib it isn't just the rookie Tula Pink in that stack I see some hushabye too. We are going to have to send you to Tula Pink intervention soon. I think it will be held in So. CA

Kathy - mom of many said...

Looking forward to the kits.

mascanlon said...

Stash report...big sig. 1 yd in Authentic charm packs, 3 1/4 in Kaffe Fasset for a backing (it'll go out next week!) 4 yds of wh/bl bl/wh polka dots just because. Layer cake of Good Night Monkey because my DGD Annika loves Monkeys...thats about 3yd 11 /14 in. Out...Hmmm...I made 5 hexi strip sets and cut them...does that count?

Sherri said...

Okay...kits! Feel much better!

Natalie said...

Hi, Really enjoy reading your blog and watching your progress! Great work. Looking forward to seeing the "kit". I am a beginner and it would be great to have something for a beginners level - just a thought! Thanks again, Natalie, Valley Farm, W.A.