Sunday, October 4, 2009

more binding.. and sneak peeks.

another 250" of binding to do.

to answer some questions.

1. what are you gonna have playing in the background??? hmmm???
itunes playlist. mostly elliot yamin & david cook.. they relax me. one day i'll do a post about what music i listen to & when.. it's interesting.

2. It is only 1.67" a minute, no problem right? Good luck Elijah says his Aunt can do anything.
yeah no problem... but that doesn't factor in time to re-pin, start new threads... etc.

3. How in the world can you bind so quickly? It takes me hours and hours to hand sew down the binding.
when you have to get it done... somehow you just make it happen!

4. Yeah, how??? Help a girl out here. It takes me 8 hours on a good day just to do the hand stitching on a lap size quilt. What's the trick?
trick... i use hair clips to pin the binding down & do lots of stitches each time before i pull the thread through. like how heather does it ... but she works right to left.. & i work left to right.. and i lay the quilt so it is going away from me.. so more like sewing bottom to top. {i'll have to take a picture one day}

5. OK, so here's my question...did you hand sew the binding on the back? That's really amazingly quick...or maybe I'm just new at doing it so it takes me longer... Either way, I'm VERY impressed!
YES! No cheating over here. there are new good ways to do it all my machine.. but i'm old school.

6. Do you hand sew the back of the binding or machine sew the whole thing? I think it would take me 3 years to hand-sew the back of the binding for that large a quilt. I tried machine sewing my last one and wasn't completely happy with the results, but it was DONE, so that made me happy. Great job, speedy!
Yes {see #5} & it doesn't take 3 years.. yes often more than 3 hours... but you just have to put your mind to it!

7. wow! that is really rockin'! glad it is done, huh? that is a lot of binding! sore fingers!
yes, yes, & surprisingly no.... & i don't wear a thimble...

8. I had the same thoughts as some of the other comments...all hand done on the back, or machine. You are impressive with your projects.
Yes {see #5}

9. Okay...that little sneak peek is so pretty I can't wait to see the front! How'd you do that so fast?
because i had to.. deadlines make anything possible... and soon enough i'll be able to show the whole quilt to you all!

thank you all for your support... kind words help a very sleep deprived julie keep going!!

this is the quilt i'm binding right now... i'm about 100" done...
i've been working on this with Sheri for so long & it is nice to see it finally coming to life...
after binding this baby gets a good washing... & i'll take lots of pics to share!!

after finishing the binding on thursday my roommates did help me with an interesting photo shoot before we took the quilt to ups... here is a peek & what we were up to...
less artsy & color pics to come soon.. i promise ;-)


Vicky said...

I like doing bindings and can do them fairly quickly. But you're right, having a deadline really makes you focus! Can't wait to see that quilt!

PamKittyMorning said...

Clever photo out the window!

Vickie E said...

you are clever taking a pic like that!

Unknown said...

Love the quilt for Sheri! It is just gorgeous!

Micki said...

Your quilt is just breathtaking, and I loved the photo out of the window too.

What Comes Next? said...

Oh so the 300" did you in, huh??? Only 250 this time - what a slacker! LOL You are a glutton aren't you? The quilt is looking fabulous, and I love your artsy shot - who's hanging onto the quilt over there?
Oh, and I must try your binding sewing technique - sounds rather interesting!

Jessica said...

that is a great photo with the quilt out the window...can't wait to see the full color version!!

happy binding!!