Wednesday, September 30, 2009

wip wednesday... lots going on over here

so today is wednesday...
so its wip wednesday...
& as you may have guessed from last week
there is still a lot "in progress" over here

as rachel painfully pointed out market is creeping up upon us.
& i may not be good about blogging.. or i may overwhelm you with stuff..
who knows.

either way..
i'm alive.. just super busy.

so here are a few pics of some "wips"

this is a quilt.. like it?

this one is too... and maybe a bag if i have time...

ok.. ok... not much info there... ;-)

i've been playing with the general more french general... this project is almost done & will be up on the bake shop next week

this is the stunt quilting collaborative project i've been working on... with Sheri of freckleberry farm... wait till you see what we came up with together.. i think i'm in love with this quilt.
{it'll be making its public debut @ market... i'll take lots of pics for you}

some samples for spool
{more info to come..}

{i'm vague.. i know.}


and i realized i forgot to show you pictures of my quilts hanging up @ the Oaks Show in Country Quiltworks booth...

so how are you doing?
market prep?
just relaxing? {if you are i'm jealous}


rachel griffith said...

love the jelly roll pics.

Dresden Quilter said...

Great quilts. I am going to have take pictures like you do of the jelly rolls to show my progress. Definitely not relaxing. A tote bag to finish this weekend, a quilt guild newsletter also this weekend, one more other swap and I just found out that a close friend is retiring at the end of December. Quilting really is a second job for me, or third after work and kids.

Melissa C said...

Can't wait to see the new Bakeshop quilt and really interested to see the Aster Manor collaborative project.

What Comes Next? said...

busy bee aren't ya'? Love Astor Manor and your stunt quilting - can't wait to see it unveiled, and the General, well need I say more? Have fun getting ready market!

Audrie said...

Love all the quilts hung up together like that! And relaxing? Is not in my vocabulary... Lots and lots of WIPs.

Unknown said...

Love the "quilts"! Can't wait to see the stunt quilt at market and to meet up with you fun ladies.

Gene Black said...

I am working on lap quilts for the "market" I will be doing in November.

I love the pentagon block. I will definitely have to play with that idea. Thanks for sharing.

Sherri said...

Good luck with everything!

belle said...

they are all soo beautiful!!thanks for visiting my little blog and you can link all you like.I really like the square with the little deer and mushroom fabric , great colors and textures combo!!