Sunday, September 6, 2009

happy birthday big brother. {not the show}

its a big birthday.
but i won't tell anyone what #..
cause i love you like that

so happy birthday
from your favorite {only} sister
{dad, me, cousin lisa, you.. circa early 80's}

i sent a card
but i haven't gotten you a gift yet
because i didn't know what to get you

i mean you have everything
and if you find something you don't have...
that you want...
well you find a way to get it.

so that leaves making you something
{which after painting your house... shouldn't be necessary}
but you know me.

so here is what i have
a bolt of this

and one week till mom & dad fly out to visit you..
and can be my free {& safe} shipping service

so tell me what you want
and i need to be able to do it in a week
with work
and other projects
{keep that in mind}

everyone else...
feel free to throw your two cents in and give him some suggestions.
i'm sure he'll appreciate it..


Karin said...

You could make him some Eagles throw pillows for his new den.

Searchfamilies said...

Please wish your Brother a Happy Birthday from the UK
As to what to get/do him how about a photo quilt, a quilt with family photos on or do it as a wall-hanging
Hugs Janice

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Well a great quilt of course!

Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Ok, here's something quick for you to about pajama bottoms and a matching pillow case for the day of the big game. Sounds like couch potato gear to me!!! Good luck.

Dresden Quilter said...

I was thinking it would make a cute Christmas stocking. Santa would definitely know which one is his!

Mary Anne Drury said...

How about a manly chef apron for tailgate grilling? (made my dad one out of Penn State fabric ) ... oh, and a matching chef hat !! (they're very easy to make ... I've made a few of them )

Unknown said...

happy birthday brad!!!

and ummm julie...
niiice pic!!!

rachel griffith said...

happy birthday brad!!!

and ummm julie...
niiice pic!!!

rachel griffith said...

p.s. yeah so i commented as jason the first time.

{jason is the hubby's bff that was logged into my computer last.}
i know...niiice.