Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ann Kelle Slicker Giveaway Winner

It was really interesting for me to see your comments on the giveaway post. I started to wonder which color was getting more votes, so I decided to make a pie chart. The black section represents all of the "other" colors picked. Blue beat out green by just two votes.

I asked Kelle why Pink was her favorite color. Here is her response...

I have never officially declared pink as my favorite color (stop rolling your eyes, Julie). Yes, all my running shoes have pink in them. I'd love to have a pink house one day. And my luggage is hot pink. It's true, I think pink can do no wrong. But, to be fair to all the other colors, I can't pick just one. Pink just makes me the happiest. When I see it, I'm flooded with the playful, carefree feeling of being a kid again.


It's time to announce the winner of the Ann Kelle slicker fabric. Thank you to Robert Kaufman fabrics for donating the fabric!

The winner is...

Sandra please send me your information!


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Eva said...

Congratulations, Sandra! And thank you, Julie for making the pie chart! Really interesting to see which colour won! It seems like I'm with the majority!

Josie McRazie said...

You know her comment about the luggage, I will go a step further and say I have pink, paisley luggage and my Honeyman LOVES that he knows where ours is without looking at tags!! I mean with black... pppttththhhh!! LOL
SOrry that just occurred to me and I had to say it!!