Sunday, July 4, 2010

sunday stash..wk27

busy week.. but very productive...
and i haven't pushed any buttons in a while!!


3 yards of white kona crush

 and i did a swap on flickr
i gave up some lizzy dish & neptune
for some flutterby
and i ended up 1 yard in the positive
and speaking of tula pink..
have you been to her blog lately??
BIG news!

and i'm counting 2 yards in for various fabrics...
fq here.. scrap there..
some people are including "fabric gifts" in with their siggy blocks...
and some selvages too.. thanks!!


over 4 yards out for this baby!
my beyond the reef style circle around quilt!
it'll be on display at the international quilt festival in july!
where i'll also be doing demos!!
long beach here i come!

almost 2 yards for another wip...

a bit more green for my spider web blocks
8 done... who knows how many to go
i'm loving this quilt!!
thank you especially to alexis.. john.. and karrielyne for sending me selvages
as well as many people in the siggy swap and the classes i've taught recently!

and i finished my bag... i'll be doing an entire post on it this week
{ doesn't count as yardage out since i already counted it last week...}

a long long time ago i won a giveaway from elizabeth @ oh fransson
of mostly Heather Bailey's Pop Garden and Bijoux...
and i was so excited when it arrived...
but then i wasn't sure what i wanted to make..
so it all just sat for a while...
waiting for the right inspiration...

recently i decided i wanted to do something with it..
and took the package out & had it sitting on my desk...
so when kate @ one flew over posted a doll quilt this week
i knew i had a plan.

so this is what i started with last night...
it's big... 18"

and i don't know yet if i'll do the same layout as kate..
and end up with 36" square..

or 54" square

but i like where it's going so far!

The pattern for this quilt can be found in Material Obsession 2

lastly i took the process pledge this week
and i don't know if it'll be through sunday stash reports..
or bringing back wip wednesday.. but i'm going to do my best to show you a bit more of my process...

and speaking of process...
did you see this photo i put on flickr?
it's a photoshop "design wall" of my bee beautiful quilt!
i can't wait to get all the blocks back to i can actually put it all together!!!

so this week
6 in
6.84 out

YTD totals
purchased: 466.27 yds
busted: 306.59 yds
net: -159.68 yds

i hit the 300 yards busted mark!
and more out than in again!
go check out how everyone else is doing

happy 4th of july!!
from elijah & aliyah!
anyone hungry???


Audrie said...

Wait a minute, I thought you weren't ever doing the stashbuster blocks ever again! Hehe! Great choice for the Bijoux fabrics though!

Heehee little Aliyah dressed up as a hotdog is just hilarious!

Happy 4th!

9patchnurse said...

Mmmm, I love hot dogs! I love the colors you use, so pretty! The light green background is right up my alley. I just ordered one yard of a kiwi solid, now I'm itching to use it. Great blog!

wishes, true and kind said...

Hi, Julie. I did get to see your pillow talk swap pillow in person when I met up with Heather and Terri. Very pretty! I love your spiderweb selvage quilt. I've been saving my selvages for one ever since Jacquie posted about hers, but I still a long ways off. Maybe I'll just go ahead and start one and add blocks as I acquire more selvages. Also love what you are doing with the Heather Bailey fabrics. So much inspiration today :)

Tracey Jacobsen said...

this is a packed post!

Love the selvage and star quilts.

And I'm also working on a circle around in Hawaiian fabrics! I sized the blocks up for a twin-size quilt... and hope it looks good in that size! (I've only got 4 blocks done... need to get to work!)

Have fun in CA! Your little people are adorable! :)

Christine said...

Busy busy! Where to start...

Look out Tula Pink and get ready for Julie to buy up all your new line!!

I love the beyond the reef circle quilt. Is it raw edge applique? (I won't tell Mark) :)

The spider webs are GORGEOUS! I never think to save the selvages. And I always love a kaleidoscope quilt.

Enjoy your 4th with the kiddos :)

Live a Colorful Life said...

Your spider web selvage blocks are gorgeous with the green. I just did that same block with selvages for the Modify Tradition quilt swap and it turned out great. And it was so much fun to make.

Nicole Morris said...

Love the dots in Natalie's fabs. Great picture of the kids. Baby...its whats for dinner. Num num! Cute costume.

Vicky said...

Whoa, you've been busy! Love everything in process! You work wonders with the mod fabs! What an adorable little weenie! I know you can't wait to see them this month!

KarrieLyne said...

Is that a hot dog suit!! LOL!!!

DianeY said...

Love your use of all the Hawaiian fabrics in your circle around quilt!

Jorie said...

That picture is classic! Definitely going to get lots of smiles as they get older!!

mascanlon said...

Well I had some fun this week getting in fabric, 14 yds made up of 7 yd. Boys will be Boys, 3 yds of some more Holiday Happy 4yd of Fruitcake in a cute kit for a tree skirt plus another yd for was that...
Oh and nothing out...sigh...although I am making good progress on a pieced baby quilt and a christmas quilt.
Love the photo of little hot dog and her embellisher!

Eileen said...

love spider web quilts and using selveges is so clever--also love the green background. your doll quilt is fun too.

One Flew Over said...

It is looking STUNNING Julie!

Angela Nash said...

Whoa - that's a busy week! Love your Audrie-blocks :)

Super cool that you're doing demos and made that Hawaii quilt :) Happen to have any 5" charms left of those prints? Wanna trade?

And I assume you'll get to visit those two adorable kids while you're at the quilt show. I'm sure you can't wait for that!

Angie said...

That is so cute!!

Tricia said...

Ok seriously...I love the hot dog picture. Probably because Aliyah looks like she's really enjoying her roll (hehe) in it. Where can I get my hands on some Kona Crush?