Friday, July 23, 2010

spiderweb potholders tutorial


if you are in the socal area.. come visit today at the long beach international quilt festival!
i'll be doing demos of circle around today... and hexagons & potholders tomorrow!
hope to see you!!


1. ruler

and or...

2. insulbright
3. batting
4. 4 fat quarters
5. 1/2 yard for binding
6. scraps for corners of square potholders

cutting directions to make 6 potholders from 4 fat quarters
1. cut six 1 1/2" strips WOF {aprx 21"} from each fat quarter.   
2. cut six backings from remaining fat quarters   { 10" x 11" for hexagon potholders } or { 10" x 10" for square potholders }
3. cut six pieces of batting to match your six backings.
4. cut six pieces of insulbright to match your six backings.
5. cut six binding strips WOF {most people cut at 2.5" but I cut at 2.25"} more info in my binding tutorial

Hexagon Spiderweb Potholders

1. sew one of each color strip as cut above and sew together with 1/4" seam allowance.  Press all seams in one direction.  To maximize the amount of units you can cut from your strip I suggest sewing them as shown like stairs.  {My offset is only about 1/2" each time}

2. Cut 6 triangles from your strip with the 60 Degree Double-Strip Creative Grids Ruler.  More detailed photos shown here.

3. In step one I told you to press the seams towards the dark fabric.  This is where that comes in handy.  You'll be able to "nest" your seams together to match points.  Put two triangles together and sew a 1/4" seam.
press this seam open.  Repeat to add one more triangle.  You'll have half a hexagon together.  Repeat for the other half.  This should be your result.

4. Put your two halves together and pin at each seam.  {I don't pin often but it really helps with this project.}

5. This will be your result.

6. Layer backing wrong side up, insulbright, batting, and finished hexagon or square.  Pin layers together and quilt.

7. Trim excess batting, insulbright and backing.... and bind!

Square Spiderweb Potholders

1.  Sew strips as shown above in step one.  Cut 8 triangles with 45 Degree Kaleidoscope Double-Strip Creative Grids Ruler.

2.  Using your scrap cut a 3 1/4" strip.  The ruler has a 3 1/4" mark on it so that you can make this kaleidoscope block with just one ruler!

3.  Sub cut into 2 squares that are 3 1/4"

4. Cut both on the diagonal to yield four triangles.

5. Take your eight triangles and put them in two piles of four with all of the same color in each pile.

6. Sew together into four pairs.  Press seams open.

7. Then sew the pairs together into halves... and then sew the halves together to put all eight pieces together.  {see photo in step 8}

8.  Arrange triangles from step 4 around your spiderweb.

9. Flip the triangles onto the spiderweb RST and pin in place.

10.  Sew in place with a 1/4" seam.  I press towards the triangles unless they are light.. like in this case and then I press in towards the spiderweb

then follow steps 6 & 7 from hexagon directions to finish your potholder!

four fat quarters... plus binding fabric {and scrap for corners}
easily makes 6 potholders... in either style!


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{144 x 144}



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Jaime said...

I love it Julie! I definitely want to try a spiderweb at some point and this is a great little way without the commitment of a whole big quilt!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the tutorials, Julie! Great ways to use up scraps, I hope to find the time to do some, soon!

Quick question for you on the circle cutter, since I'm in Dallas today rather than Long Beach. I have tried to use it with the small rotary cutter, but I feel like I'm going along and "nicking" the plastic as I try to round the circles. Any helpful hints? Am I using the wrong cutter (Fiskars 28mm stick)? Thanks for any advice you can give!

Caroline ~ TrilliumDesign said...

Nice project!

Vicky said...

Great tutorials, Julie! But what I really want to know is -- what have you gotten so far at the show? And did you leave things for the rest of us? See you tomorrow!

Rebeca said...

Thanks for the tutorials, Julie!
It's a great project!!!


Kerri said...

super cute, julie!! LOVE them!!

Micki said...

Thanks for the tutorials! So pretty!

Angie said...

Great tutorial -- you have a great way to explain your projects. Have fun at the quilt festival.
Angie -

Coisas da Laura said...

Thanks for your generosity and congrats for the great tutorial!

ladmquilter said...

Julie I love it what is the name of the fabric you are using it is perfect.

Carla said...

Congrats on a very nice tutorial.....I need some new potholders!

Sandy said...

You're such a good teacher:) have fun & don't break the bank...

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

Great tutorial! I can't wait to try these!

KarrieLyne said...

Great tutorial and uber cute potholders!

Hope you're having a great time in LA!

Christine said...

Very pretty!! :)

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

The Dharma hot pads!!!!
I'm bookmarking this.
And then I'm going to scheme about who to make them for. :)

modernmanson said...

Thanks for the boost of confidence at the show. (I'm the quilting for 7 months girl) I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Unknown said...

these are fabulous!! ;)

i'm so doing these!!

DutchQuilter said...

Great tutorial! I'm going to make some of these for quickie gifts.
I just found you on the web and have bookmarked so I can check back here often. Hugs!

Lisa Bee said...

I wanted to share the pillow and potholder that I made using this tutorial. Thanks for posting it!!

Caroline said...

I love this! May I have your permission to feature it on Please drop me a line and let me know.