Sunday, June 6, 2010

sunday stash..wk23

nothing in this week!!!



1.6 yards for the start of the pillow i'm making for round #3 of the pillow talk swap!

pattern is city green from city quilts book by cherri house.
i'm calling mine... city blue

the fabric is the new quilter's linen from Robert Kaufman
and some kona crush mixed in too!

and june is my month in bee beautiful...
6.6 yards of neptune.. kona crush and quilter's linen
and 2.92 for a neptune layer cake
it was NOT easy for me to cut up my favorite fabric...
and send it off... but i trust the women in my bee...
and i'm very excited to have a BIG neptune quilt in my future!!

i asked for drunk love blocks
and showed this quick image from photoshop of my layout plan

so this week
zero in !!
11.12 out

YTD totals
purchased: 411.77 yds
busted: 276.02 yds
net: -135.75 yds

a small step in the right direction...


Kaye Prince said...

Neptune - yum! And, yes please to the quilter's linen (were they showing it at Market? I must have missed it); I'm definitely going to have to buy myself some when it hits the stores!

Vicky said...

Love your pillow and also your concept quilt. You're heading in the right direction on your totals! Keep going! Long Beach isn't until July. You have plenty of time! :)

Angie said...

Wow - your "Bee Beautiful" will be great with those colors. Also, I am impressed with your photoshop skills to make such a "quick" picture - I would be there all day!

Renegade Quilter said...

Love the Neptune!!! I also love the drunk love blocks - gives me an idea of what to do with my Hope Valley fabric!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Jamie Janow Elfert said...

I just love City Quilts and your pillow is great. I just ordered Cherri's Book and can't wait for its arrival. Your fabric inspirations are getting me in trouble! I have been trying to hold back on purchasing, but this diet is about to bust.

mascanlon said...

Well this was a good week for me, fabric wise. Nothing in either! But next week will be different I'm afraid as I pushed a bunch of buttons yesterday, some of my favorite vendors got in new fabric like Tweated Tufts, I was so excited! And I am off on a business trip this afternoon for a week so I won't be busting and might be shopping straight from my hotel room!

Leslie said...

those bags all together waiting to be made into something wonderful look so great. it must be exciting to know you will be getting such wonderful blocks back.

Megan said...

All progress = forward progress! Can't wait to see the bee blocks when you get them back!

KarrieLyne said...

No fabric IN??!! Julie, are you feeling alright? *feels your forehead* =P

I love your Neptune design and I am sure it was difficult for you to cut it up but imagine the beauty you will have once your done.

You're very lucky that you can trust all your bee members. Lucky ladies to have you :)

Kris said...

drunk love blocks in Neptune... I'm swooning already! :)

momto2wasd said...

That's going to be a wonderful quilt!!

Katie said...

Wow you are brave. I haven't cut into any of mine yet. I love that you are addicted to Neptune just as much as I am... lol

Vesuviusmama said...

Oh my! I'm not sure I've ever read one of your stash reports that said ZERO in! Good for you!