Sunday, May 2, 2010

sunday stash..wk18... i found a new LQS!

or more like... a new LQS found me!
johanna who runs cloth & bobbin learned of our philly modern quilt guild
and joined our site...
and one thing lead to another... which resulted in me vising her shop yesterday!

and i'm so glad i did!!
johanna has an adorable shop!
it's a modern quilter's dream!!

more amy butler love

i'm planning on making some accessories to match my birdie sling

and some more denyse schmidt hope valley


assorted yardage for a few quilts in progress

like my now finished hexagon quilt top!  {one of two}

so this week
7 in
3.2 out

YTD totals
purchased: 330.53 yds
busted: 218.56 yds
net: -112.97 yds

my custom camera strap arrived from sheyb!!
tula pink plume combined with tula pink full moon forest!
thanks sheyb!

i took my camera out for a trip once my new strap arrived.
and i'm just sharing this photo cause i like it.
no other reason.

 and this one.
cause i like it too.
{ ignore the fact that i really need to get a pedicure! }


Jewel said...

Hehe... toe photos crack me up :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet! A new LQS?? That's awesome. I'm going to have to make a trip there soon.

KarrieLyne said...

That's it? That's all you bought? Are you feeling alright? Lemme check for a fever ;)

Love that camera strap. It's on my to do list.

Your hexie quilt is gorrrr-jus! and love the toe shot, but the one in the window is brilliant!

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

The hexagon quilt looks great!

Val Miller said...

Loving the hexagon quilt! Can you believe my fabric still hasn't arrived!!! Canadian customs is holding my fabric hostage. Darn them!! I really wish we had more LQS's that had modern fabric here in Canada ...

Vicky said...

Just seven yards?!! I think someone is saving up for Market!! Love your hexie! Gorgeous!

Live a Colorful Life said...

Okay, that does it. I'm joining the hexie quilt-along.I LOVE that quilt.

Laurel H. said...

Oh oh; a new quilt shop that is a modern quilter's dream? NOT good, not good! If she sells Japanese imports, then I am definitely in trouble.

I like your "yardage in, yardage out" count, but I am afraid to take such an assessment around here...

rosie/the fabric shopper said...

Don't even know what I'd do if I lived within a 45 minute trip to a fabric store. Online shopping gives me battles enough :-) oh, to touch and feel and lay the bolts out beside each other ~sigh~

Unknown said...

Isn't it great to find a new shop! Especially one with things that you love? Love the hexie quilt. Oh and by the way, congrats on being a cover girl!

Stacy Kraus McDonald said...

I just drove by Cloth and Bobbin the other day and leered at it. Now I'll really have to go!

Lori said...

the hexagon quilt is very nice. I will have to remember your blog for the tutorial!

Angela Nash said...

it's always great to find a good modern quilt shop - looks like you found some good stuff.

LOVE your camera strap - the perfect one for you! Maybe just a little bag for it to go in now - from Neptune.

thegoose said...

I love Cloth & Bobbin and Johanna is so nice. I stop in there whenever I head to Philadelphia. Isn't Narberth just the cutest little town? Next time you visit you should absolutely walk down the street to the little French pastry shop (owned by real live authentic Frenchies!),Le Petit Mitron, to have the best croissants on earth. His cakes are awfully good, too. :)

oh, and there is a great Japanese store, Maido, with yummy okonomiyaki (though given the choice, I'd always pick the croissants).

Jeannie said...

Good shots and cute toes..heheh.eehe
Love, your quilt and so glad I'm making one too!!

Thimbleanna said...

Nice Toes!
(And Quilt!)