Monday, May 3, 2010


it's pouring here right now!
non stop rain.

so i thought i'd share some randomness with you...

i caved and went food shopping yesterday.
{not my favorite thing to do}

i had eaten one of these every morning for the last week... and i had eaten the last one.

i was also running low on apple juice.
my #1 drink of choice.

cooking is not my strength.
i mean i can... i just don't enjoy it
anyway i've been left to fend for myself for a week...{so far}
so what did i eat?... 2 slices each day for 5 days in a row.

and a lot of potato chips

and soda.

so not healthy i know.
and i've got 2 more week of this.
{don't worry mom.. i'm ok!}

i did do the laundry.
i don't mind laundry....

and i watered the plants.
i don't have a green thumb... but i was told this was something i wasn't allowed to mess up over the next few weeks!

i did also get in a fight with my contacts.
oh well... happens every few months or so.

so what have i been doing to make it less silent here?
lots of sewing... and lots of dvds.

and my magazines arrived!!

so i've been playing with them!

thank you to everyone who has ordered kits & sent me emails about them!!

so what about you.
anything random?
food tips?


Jodie said...

I just wanted to share my post about you. the kit!

Jodie said...

sorry that is the link

Unknown said...

I'm not much help because I love to cook, but maybe check out some of the recipes and cookbooks that are "double duty", where you cook enough meat/protein for two or three meals all at once.

I'd have the magazine posted on every door in the place so you can anyone who came over could see constantly!

Kate D. Spain said...

if you switch your chip choice to nachos, there are some good salsa recipes popping up in the comments on my blog:

(that way, you'd be gettin' some veggies, too! well, even though technically tomatoes are fruits, but you know what i mean). oh and thanks for the dopplar's pouring here too and looks like more is on the way!

Angela Nash said...

sounds great to me! not much help on the food here - if left on my own I would opt for popcorn for dinner a good amount of the time! I like to cook, but it seems like a hassle if it's just me. Oh, and tomato soup with cheddar cheese cubes in it if it's cold out. That's my suggestion :)

Mary P said...

Not so much sewing lately--I just went to a lindy hop weekend and am now super exhausted. As for food, when I don't want to cook I make grilled cheese, or a quesadilla. Then I have a bagged salad to make sure I get something healthy with it. :)I also am a big fan of making a large pot of something and freezing small portions for heating up when I don't feel like cooking.

Renegade Quilter said...

You have rain there and I have 50 to 60 mph winds headed my way..... So there is a good chance for a power outage - I guess that leaves hand work. In the food department its always just me so a lot of times its cereal, eggs & toast or a power bar. Not much help there am I? I don't mind cooking I just don't like taking the time to do it.

Laurel H. said...

Ew; you must be getting the rain that passed thru here late last nite. Talk about a downpour...

I will be waiting for the latest Quilts and More, with your quilt, to hit the newsstands! Woot! (Sigh; why don't they allow subscriptions to it yet?!!)

Vicki said...

Ugh, in line to get the cars registered, 42 minute wait. When I get home I am hemming some jeans for a date with my husband tonight. And making some surprise quilt blocks and getting a bunch of things ready to mail.

Audrie said...

Yesterday at work I kept telling people it was your quilt on the cover and sold a few mags :) Told them there were kits too so fingers crossed!

Your eating is scaring me lol How are you not 400lbs?! Unfair! This isn't going to help you, but when I'm not up for cooking, I'll make a big thing of stew or soup that'll last me a few days. I know, I'm super helpful.

Mary said...

Congrats on yet another magazine! I love the design of this quilt! So modern.

Ha ha, your menu of the week made me laugh . . . sounds like my early 20s! :-)

Unknown said...

Taco Soup-- Makes a huge pot, it's sort of like Chili but better and very good!

1 lb ground beef
1/2 large onion diced
2 cans black beans drained
1 can drained corn - or 1 1/2 cups frozen corn
2 cans Rotel tomatoes or diced tomatoes (I use whatever I have usually in the way of canned tomatoes)
1 taco seasoning packet
1 small can diced green chiles or jalepenos-- this is optional and spices it up more.

Brown beef and diced onion in a large 4-6 qt pot. Add the beans corn tomatoes, and the chiles or jalepenos. Stir it well, add 3/4 of the packet of taco seasoning mix-- or only use half if you prefer milder spices. Simmer until hot and bubbly.

Serve with your choice of south of the border toppings. My favorite is a dollop of sour cream and olives. Grated cheese, green onions, fresh tomato all are good too but I usually keep it simple.

This takes 30 minutes and you serve it with tortilla chips. You can eat it with a spoon or spoon it up with the chips.

Tomorrow-- use the leftovers to make tacos, with taco shells or flour tortillas.

next day-- use it as an add in to a flour tortilla and some scrambled eggs, cheese and salsa and you have Heuvos Rancheros for dinner.

you can also freeze half of it and save it for another day..
It's fabulous and it's one of my families favs--so easy, so hot and yummy and VERY good for you.

Take your vitamins at least Julie!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

oh wow girlie... you made me laugh. :)

Orange chicken --
some chicken thighs (with bone and skin)
1 box Lipton onion soup mix
1 can frozen pine/orange juice concentrate

Sprinkle chicken thighs with garlic salt
mix soup mix and juice concentrate with about 1/4 c. water and pour over chicken

Bake for about 1 1/2 hours (set the timer while you're sewing)

It will feed you a few days. Add veggies and rice if you'd like.

Rebecca Maples said...

Here is my favorite minestrone soup recipe:

It's supper easy, (it just takes a bit of chopping of veggies), and you should be able to eat it for several days. Let me know if you make it, and what you think about it:)

Jeannie said...

OMG!! the plants will live but you won't.hah.ah.a.ha.a.a
I'm Organic so that limits my eating!
Now buying your mags and kit is another thing :) LOVE THEM!!

Christine said...

Love this post! hahah! Are you in the next Quilts & More too?? You're everywhere these days! Not too much randomness for me- just living on a diet of Saltine crackers and sleeping non stop. Pregnancy is crazy business. :) Christine

Barb in Mi said...

Rain makes me sew - since I don't like skating in the rain.
As for a food solution: a while back I lived on self made shakes: strawberry-banana-milk & joghurt. Or if you are not into dairy, just use orange juice-raspberries-strawberries. No cooking, got my fruit intake and it makes me actually feel good ( and not blah)! If you don't want to buy fresh fruits, the frozen ones work great as well (apart from bananas...). Throw ingredients into a blender and 1 min later you got a great filling juice or shake.
And then comes a moment when you just NEED a steak. Throw on the grill, done... or are you vegetarian??

ladmquilter said...

Julie, a rotissory chicken is great for quick and easy a chicken sandwich one day with a breast, a thigh or leg with a microwaved baked potato,chicken salad the next day with the other breast just add a little celery and mayo salt and pepper and you are good to go, the day after you can throw it in a pot boil it with some carrots, onion and celery add boullion and either rice, noodles or torn biscuits from a can and you have soup or dumplings they are all quick a easy leaving plenty of time for sewing and pretty economical too!

Pinky said...

My random activities of late include making a fancy dress turban with an old baseball cap, blue satin and a hot glue gun.....

oh, and I made a strap cover for my camera strap!

Mandy said...

I saw your magazine cover at Wally World today. I got so excited about it, and then I felt like a super huge stalker. Oh well! I'm sure you don't mind a blog stalker or two! :) Congrats again on the cover!

Meghan said...

I do that with pizza a lot. But it usually doesn't last me five days :) I tend to eat two slices for lunch, then more for dinner...

I love to buy the frozen tortellini at the grocery store. It literally takes 10 minutes to cook the quick-and-dirty way, and finish it off by dumping some sauce straight from the jar. Can you tell I don't really cook, either? :)

Oh, and I got my McCalls in the mail (I decided to get a subscription), and I read your article last night!

Carla said...

Julie, I got a grin out of your post. My husband was out of town just one night last week and of course that's the day a snake takes up residence in my water garden...I'm out there with a shovel! How about a bag of baby carrots with some yummy dip instead of chips (just as a change up of course!)