Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Tula Pink Chipper Boomerang Quilt

Now that Tula Pink's Chipper is in stores, I wanted to give you more info on the fabrics I used to make my Chipper Boomerang quilt that I showed you back in March.

I made this lap size color blocked version of my Boomerang quilt using Chipper. I added in a bit of True Colors and Eden as well.

If you want to make a color blocked version of Boomerang like I did, here are the fabrics you'll need. FYI most fabrics are Chipper. 6 are from True Colors and 2 are from Eden. (You may want more fabrics if you plan to fussy cut some of the designs with animals etc.)

Follow the directions on the bottom of page 2 of the pattern using the "Fat Quarter" section. To get the color blocked look you will want all of your blocks to end up 1 color and not scrappy. Pick 2 fabrics that are orange and make all orange blocks. Continue with green and then purple.

Use the remaining FQ of fabric from these 2 designs in place of the setting fabric on page 4. (You'll also need to use some scraps of any of the green fabrics for the upper right and lower left corner triangles.)


 Here is a closer look at the orange section.

The middle green section.

And here is the purple section.

I was torn on which stripe to use for the binding, so I decided to use all 3. The result is pretty cool, but it was a lot of work and I don't know if I would do it again.

Honestly it was a lot of trial and error and getting to know my seam ripper better than I wanted to! The seams to put the binding colors together are sewn at a 60 degree angle rather than the 45 degree angle we are all used to using.

Since the front had a lot going on... I decided to keep the back simple and use Free Fall by Tula Pink in one large piece.

Did you know that Tula Pink named this fabric Free Fall because the birds fly in all directions? That way you don't need to worry about a top or a bottom when using it for a quilt back. For this one I didn't piece in my label, which is very rare for me!!

So how did I mark the details of the quilt? I wrote them in by hand on one dot near a corner.

What fabrics are you using to make a Boomerang quilt? Tell us about it in the comments below.
And don't forget to use the hashtag #BoomerangQuilt on social media so we can share in the fun!

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Susan P said...

Love this quilt. It's beautiful. Did you piece the back? I can't tell if there's a seam.

Cathy Smith said...

WOW!! When I saw this quilt, I immediately thought of Gypsies in their colorful caravans, flashes of brightness and color. Wonderful!

Denise said...

I made the Boomerang pattern using Connecting Threads Gemstone Mirage FQ sampler. It was easy once I learned how to press the seams open using a strip stick. I made my first ever #link up on GooglePlus.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. What a fabulous use of Tula Pink fabric.