Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beyond Neutral Book Tour Stop + Giveaway!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
When John Adams, aka Quilt Dad, asked me to be a part of his blog book tour for his new book, Beyond Neutral, I didn't hesitate for a moment. I instantly knew I absolutely wanted to be a part of it as soon as I saw the cover of the book. I know you should never "judge a book by it's cover," but I can't fight love at first sight when it comes to quilts. It's just not possible for me.

Initially, I had misread the title of the book and for a hot minute I thought it was titled, "Beyond Nature," and a few of the images inside kept me thinking that was the title until I took a second, longer look at the cover. And it's definitely titled Beyond Neutral.
Katmai quilt image courtesy of Martingale. Photographed by Brent Kane.
The quilts are so beautifully presented in a coordinating natural environment, it's hard not to love all of them. 
Cayucos quilt image courtesy of Martingale. Photographed by Brent Kane.
This book is full of stunning quilts that look incredibly dynamic, if not challenging, but John's instructions on how to use standard piecing methods, good design elements and out of the box fabric placement make all of these quilts far more approachable to the average quilter than you might think they are when you first look at them.
He even makes room to show you how the quilting can really set a design apart and be the star, not just the pattern design or the fabric choices.
Pinnacles quilt image courtesy of Martingale. Photographed by Brent Kane.
I am still totally head over heals for book cover quilt, Pacific Crest. It's my favorite quilt in the entire book, and there are some great winners in here.
Pacific Crest quilt image courtesy of Martingale. Photographed by Brent Kane.

And then I spotted the Triton Cove quilt and I found my favorite fabric combination that John put together.

Of course, out came my Tula Pink Neptune scraps.

I bugged John to find out what the greenish shot cotton was that he used in the Triton Cove quilt. It's Kaffe Fassett's Woven in Spruce. John is a master at mixing designers and fabric collections. I tend to stick with making my quilts from one fabric collection, but John really challenged my standard process here and it was a nice break from the norm for me.

I pressed my Neptune scraps to see what I had on hand to work with.

The sewing was quick. In no time I had a pile of HSTs (aka Half-Square Triangles) ready to go onto my design wall.

And up on my design wall they went.

This quilt design and fabric combination has the amazing ability to flow around the room when you look at it from different angles.

I was also super-flattered by John's shout out to me in the acknowledgements of his book. It's no small honor to find your name in print like that. It truly means the world to me, John.

And John really challenges you to reconsider quilt background fabrics other than whites, cremes and other neutrals. He demonstrates an incredible skill for fabric placement throughout the book. It's fun to simply page through it and daydream about your next quilt project.
Glimmerglass quilt image courtesy of Martingale. Photographed by Brent Kane.
And you can win your own Beyond Neutral eBook!

The Rules

1. Leave ONE comment to enter. Make sure your contact info is in your profile or that you leave it in the comment.

2. In your comment tell us which Beyond Neutral quilt you're inspired to make from the book.

3. Comment entries must be left on this blog, www.jaybirdquilts.com, to be valid. Comments sent via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media will not be counted.

4. Simple as that!!

You have till 9PM PST on Wednesday, September 24th to enter. 

Winner will be selected by 
Good luck!

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mean sarah jean said...

I'm in love with the cover quilt, pacific crest.

Ella said...

I really love Triton Cove. I think I'd start with that one.

janequiltsslowly said...

Being from the West Coast, I have to say Pacific Crest. I just finished a scrap quilt with a navy "neutral" and I am in love with navy as a great neutral choice. It is so wonderful with orange & pinks!

bee said...

definitely the Pacific Crest quilt! I saw a quilt shop version this summer and loved it .

Rozz01 said...

I favor the "Cayucos" quilt because of design features and color coordination.

Rachel @ Quiltineering said...

I've been eyeing up that book for ages. LOVE the one you made!

Thanks for the chance to win :)

Emily said...

Pacific Crest, the cover quilt, is my favorite too!

vkh6210 said...

I love the quilt on the cover but Cayucos really catches my eye. Looks like a great book. Would love to win it. Thank you for the chance. vkh6210@gmail dot com

Debbie said...

Cayucos is my favorite. I love the idea of using a different color for the background. I think I need this book.

Lyn said...

Pinnacles, and it's quilting, looks really neat.

Helen said...

I really like Cape Lookout...oh, wait, I like Pacific Crest too.

Sasha said...

I love the pinnacles quilt. I grew up in a small mountain community, reminds me of home.

Unknown said...

Pacific Crest is the one I love but saying that does not mean that I do not have a soft spot for many of his other quilts.

Katherine said...

I would like to make Pacific Crest too. It feels like it's about to fly away!

Shellie R. said...

Love the cover quilt but something about Katmai really grabbed me. That would be the first one I'd make if I won.

Pam said...

Pinnacles and Pacific Crest ... ordering the book now!

Ella and Nesta said...

Pacific Crest is definitely my favourite! Sometimes you can judge a book by it's cover, can't you?!

Sweckberg said...

In the Beyond Neutrals book I would make the Cayucos and use the Pinnacles for the backing. I like all of them, but would try the double pattern first.

Unknown said...

My favorite is Pacific Crest. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I love this book! Must get my hands it it! I like all the one as you featured but pacific coast is a must to-do!

Kathy E. said...

This blog post inspires me to make the Glimmerglass quilt! I love it in pink, but I would choose colors to match my bedroom.

trudys_person said...

Pacific Crest is lovely! I can imagine it in a bunch of different colour-ways ... Thank you for the giveaway!

Lana said...

Cayucos is a BEAUTY!!!! I would so love to have a copy of his book...that would be the first quilt i would make!!! LOVE HIS WORK!!

Nena said...

I think Cayucos because it looks like something I could do and finish with my 15 minute quilting blocks of time. I envision lots of primary colours as I haven't been down that road in awhile - or else Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Pacific Coast! Because that's where I holiday in Australia!

Karen Propes said...

The Cayucos quilt looks so pretty, love to make one of those. THanks for the chance.

Mara said...

Like you my favorite is Pacific Crest, and your version is looking great.

einfach bunt said...

I love Pacific Crest!!

Mmeier3637@gmail.com said...

Love the book. I really would love to make the cayucos quilt and the katmal quilt.

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