Saturday, September 20, 2014

#ParkBenchQuilt Block 5 - Festival

Early this year, my latest Block of the Month (BOM) design, Park Bench, hit stores, and I've started a series of posts showing off the blocks you have been making of each design. Each of the blocks is named for favorite memories and moments in parks. Block 5 is Festival. There's a lot happening here and this one can get pretty busy, kind of like a festival!

I've been collecting pictures of blocks as quilters share them on Instagram. I'm loving how your blocks are coming together and the fabrics you choose to make your quilt unique.

Which block has been your favorite one to work on so far? Which one are you most looking forward to making?
Post pictures of your blocks, top and finished quilt using #ParkBenchQuilt and you might find your work featured in a future blog post.

Do you have a favorite festival memory?
Share a favorite Park Bench block so far or a favorite festival memory in the comments!

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Barbara said...

Hi Julie. Just getting started making the Park Bench blocks, but I LOVE them!! So far I've only made the first two, but I really like how they get sewn together. Also working on making a Tiny Dancer mini for our quilt group's gift exchange in Dec. Cute, Cute, Cute!! Keep up the good work -- :o)

Unknown said...

Hello Julie, I've read this post and it was a big fun for me. I'm wonder how much this design is in common these days, just gonna start working on Park Bench blocks soon. This festival is a big inspiration for me. Thanks!