Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quilt Improv Blog Hop & Giveaway!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
This post is brought to you by my guest blogger + best friend + maid of honor + new Operations Manager for Jaybird Quilts, Rachael P. She has a couple previous guests posts for Jaybird Quilts from way back in 2010. Welcome back to the blog, RP! {I like her so much, I let her throw in a giveaway at the end. Keep reading!}

When Julie presented me with the opportunity to review this book, as soon as I laid my eyes on it I had to do it. At first look, it was so aesthetically interesting I wanted to know more. I am more of a wordsmith than a designer. I have immense respect for a designer’s talent and skill, they have a toolkit I did not come equipped with when it comes to colors, shapes, space and style. Luckily, I can appreciate the craft and artistry of design, and find the words to discuss that appreciation. And with that, we jumped on board the blog hop for Lucie Summers's new book, Quilt Improv

The cover of Quilt Improv by Lucie Summers

Here's a bit about Lucie and Quilt Improv from James Brooks of Stitch Craft Create: Lucie runs her own blog, Summersville, and has designed a range for Moda fabrics. Her book Quilt Improv is all about quick, modern quilts and block designs pieced in an improvisational style.

Here’s what drew me into Lucie’s book:
Great design elements: fonts, layout, photography & sketches 
Content: considerable range, eclectic designs, beginner friendly techniques, British English quilting terms (batting=wadding)
Flipping through Quilt Improv was like an English quilting vacation in book format. A cup of Earl Grey tea made the experience complete.

Chain Pieced Strips block from Quilt Improv

I find that there is a major differentiation between books like Julie’s Skip the Borders & Lucie’s Quilt Improv.
Skip the Borders = precision and step by step techniques from start to finish
Quilt Improv = beauty in irregularities and encouraging your personal creative process

Crazy Triangles block from Quilt Improv

The challenge and the beauty of improv quilting is you truly have to make your creations your own - from fabric selections, yardage, and placement. This is a practice in unleashing your creative energies when it comes to colors, shapes and sizes. Surrender to your fabric cutting, piecing and quilting muses.

The more I paged through Lucie’s book and learned about improv quilting, the more analogies to traditional vs improvisational quilting kept coming to me:
It’s like making a 90 degree turn off of the highway onto a twisty, windy country road. 
It’s like sewing & quilting cross training for your mind & machine.
Baking vs cooking.
Puzzle solving vs puzzle creating.
This is for the (quilting) rule breaker types (you know who you are! ;-).

Inspiration for the Railings Quilt in Quilt Improv

Railings Quilt from Quilt Improv

Quilt Improv is heavy on inspiration and technical guidance, yet it's light on the rules and exacting details. For example, you’ll find great clarity on how to design and piece your projects, but you won’t find much in the way of step by step by step measuring and cutting directions. You’re not going to find material lists or cutting requirements for each block or quilt because this is about the process, and creating something that is entirely your own. You will find excellent design and layout planning guidelines.

Skill level: adventurous beginner and confident intermediate quilters looking to stretch your design legs
P.S. Quilt Improv is a brilliant coffee table book for design junkies who appreciate the craft of quilting.

Check out Stitch Craft Create's blog if you'd like to learn more about the book Quilt Improv and see some of the other posts along the blog hop.

Now, for the give away! Stitch Craft Create is offering one lucky commenter drawn at random to receive a free copy of Lucie’s book, Quilt Improv.
Details on how to enter the giveaway are below.


1. Leave ONE comment to enter. Make sure your contact info is in your profile or that you leave it in the comment.
2. In your comment tell us, have you ever tried improv quilting? What draws you to it or away from it?
3. Comment entries must be left on this blog, www.jaybirdquilts.com, to be valid. Comments sent via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media will not be counted.

4. Simple as that!!


You have until 9PM PST time Friday, January 17th to enter!
Winner will be selected by True Random Number Generator.

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bellashea said...

I have tried a little improv on very small projects such as placemats or pot holders. I would like to learn more about branching out into larger projects. The book looks interesting. Thanks.

June D said...

Yes I've tried it - and for me it's the only way to go! This book looks like it would really allow one to stretch their quilting wings. Thank you for putting my name in the hat for the drawing!

Cathy said...

I love to do improve quilting especially after finishing something very precise and accurate. I find it is also a great way to use up extra fabrics into something I hadn't originally planned. Thanks for the chance to win an exciting new book,

Robin said...

I've not tried Improv yet. The freedom draws me. But I like to see a "pattern" of what I'm making ahead of time because I'm not a good visualizer, so it scares me that I may not like the end result and end up wasting precious fabric!

Margaret said...

I have not tried improv quilting yet It is on my list for 2014 and it sounds like I really need to get this book. Thanks for sharing

Lou said...

The only improv I have tried were wonky stars. It was relly hard not to be perfect but in the end I really loved it! Plan to try more:)

Lisa said...

Yes I have tried it a few times when doing my bee blocks for Do Good Stitches! I hope I win the book!

Alicia said...

I have done one improv quilt and it was SO MUCH fun. Its nice to not be checking the directions every few steps and just go with how you feel.

Penny said...

Improv sounds scary, but I think "breaking the rules", or better yet "no rules", sounds fantastic!

Allison Sews said...

I've done some QAYG improv and I like how it turned out but I'm usually so afraid of wasting any fabric. Maybe that makes me a fabric hoarder lol. I would love to check out this book as Lucie is one of my favorite fabric designers.

Lisa E said...

I have never tried improv piecing. Mostly, I think, because I'm too precise. Wonkiness is just not me!

Unknown said...

I would like to try improve quilting. I have always been a rule follower so maybe this will make me break free

Snuva said...

I've never tried improv quilting and have been quite intimidated by it, so this sounds like a fantastic way to get some confidence and inspiration! Snuva.tas.au@gmail.com

Linda V said...

I've never heard of it before. Would like to give it a try.

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