Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Keeping busy...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
I meant to blog about Quilt Market... and I will... but I've been keeping busy. My new nephew is set to arrive on Thursday so I needed to make him a quilt asap! (Jonah arrived on 11/15!)

Aliyah and Elijah both had quilts the day they were born... so I wasn't about to break that tradition!

A couple days of speedy sewing and the quilt top was done! This is inspired Ballerina pattern. The blocks are 12" vs. 18" and perfect for a baby! (Also this way I could use my Hex N More!)
Now a pattern!! - Tiny Dancer Pattern

I had to work fast and didn't have time to send it to Angela to quilt. It has been a while since I basted a quilt!!

Lots of straight line quilting and it was time to bind!

All done!! I have it packed up and ready for when I drive to LA on Thursday!! I'm very excited since this will be the first time I get to be there on day ONE. I lived across the country when Elijah and Aliyah were born so it was months before I got to meet them.

Quilt Details 
Fabric is All Hands on Deck by Dear Stella
Pattern - Tiny Dancer
Designed & Quilted by me
Started on 11/3/12
Finished on 11/8/12
Quilt measures - 36" x 55"

Brad & Karin just finished getting the nursery ready too!!

I'll post photos as soon as he arrives. Most likely I'll be posting them to Instagram before I have a chance to sit down and blog. If it takes me a few days longer than usual to get back to you please be patient. Thank you!!

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**nicke... said...

this is such a cute quilt julie. i love that you put minky on the back too. i think it should be a requirement for baby quilts! ;) xo

Julie said...

So cute!!

Bailey said...

I think the name "Ballerina" would have thrown me off course if I was looking for a boy quilt, but you prove it's totally a unisex pattern. I love the material! I might have to track some down to make a quilt for the Sandy victims, since it's so "down the shore" looking.

Patricia Lessell said...

What a cute quilt and Mazel Tov to you all on the upcoming birth of your new nephew. So happy for your all.

Queenie Believe said...

A wonderful baby boy quilt!!Wishing your family all the very best with the arrival of this precious little one.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

CitricSugar said...

It's darling! Congrats!

Dianne Mitzel said...

I was in a quilt shop yesterday in N.C. the lady had your hex n more rulers, but none of the patterns. I told her she should get some and have a class, demo day. She was so excited when I brought up your info on line, and plans to order right away...love the cute quilts..you are so talented.

Sharon T said...

Perfect! You are in for a fabulous treat!

Sharon T said...

Perfect! You are in for a fabulous treat!

KarrieLyne said...

Love it! Nothing new there :) I also just ordered those clips since I've seen like 5 pix with you using them.

Can't wait to see pix of the little one!

Karen P said...

darling quilt; my question is where did you get those fabulous binding clips?

Shannon Wallace said...

God's blessings to your sister and the new baby on the way! LOVE the quilt! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life. :)

Aliceart said...

So cute! Your patterns and ruler are on my Christmas list...

Anonymous said...

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Quilt Mom said...

Cute quilt Julie, congratulations on your new nephew!
He's a cutie!
Thanks for sharing and showing quilter's that a sweet baby sized quilt can be made in a short amount of time!

Jean said...

Very cute quilt...I have to try this pattern too!