Thursday, August 2, 2012

Candy Dish Pillows

You can make these 2 pillows from a charm pack and 5/8 yard of one additional fabric! They are fast and fun to make. I have plans to make many more for around the house.

Pillows Detail 
Fabric is Maasai Mara by Dear Stella
Pattern - Candy Dish JBQ 125
Designed by me
Quilted by me
Started on 6/19/12
Finished on 7/6/12
Pillows Measure 16" x 16"


I filmed a couple of videos on Candy Dish as a part of the Journey 2 Nebula. You can sign up for the Journey self paced as well as watch the videos on YouTube.


These pillows feature two of the four shapes that the Hex N More Ruler can cut. The Hexagon & the Triangle.


Here are some outtakes from the cover photo shoot.

I liked this photo... but thought that hard rocks with soft pillows was just a weird mix!

Detail of the pillows and my quilting. I quilted straight lines approximately 3/8" apart from each other in a large zig zag across the pillows.

Next the pillows took a trip to hang out on our patio chairs. Not bad... but still not what I wanted yet.

I headed inside and took some photos of the pillows on my favorite chair.

I almost used this photo... but decided there wasn't enough room for the title.

Here is what I ended up with. 
At the Long Beach show over the weekend my mom asked me where I took this photo. I laughed for a moment and told her to look closer... she didn't see it. Then I revealed to her... "Mom I took it in your room, don't you recognize your sheets!" We all had a good laugh. 

...and I think my mom wants to keep them now!

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Kwiltsfl said...

This is a truly clever pattern and I think it is going to do very well! ~ Karen

Sandy said...

I think that your Awesome Mom should get to keep them or at least have a long term lease on them! Great job! Love the multifaceted hex n more!

Cindy Sharp said...


Queenie Believe said...

Boy, I really REALLY like these pillows!! The flip/flop of the fabics placement is wonderful!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

mascanlon said...

I do love these pillows, too bad Mamabird claimed them already!

finallyfin said...

Such fun! They are now on my to-do list!!

Bev said...

I love these! Where are you selling your ruler? I don't see that anywhere? Love the versatility of it!

Cheery wave from

Tricia said...

Beautiful! I love the fabric you are using in your sample quilts, etc. This is up there on my list with Tasty to make...Momma needs some new throw pillows!