Monday, August 27, 2012

Opposites Attract

I just recently realized that I showed you the new cover of Opposites Attract... but got so busy I never told you anything else about it! Right before Spring Quilt Market I ran out of Opposites Attract and decided that before going back to print I'd create a new cover.

I also updated the pattern a bit. It has more diagrams, instructions and looks similar to my more recent patterns. Also I added baby size as another option!

Quilt Details 
Fabric is Lanikai by Dear Stella & Kona Peacock by Robert Kaufman
Pattern - Opposites Attract, JBQ 101
Designed by me
Quilted by me
Started on 4/30/12
Finished on 5/6/12
Quilt measures - 56" x 56"


Opposites Attract was the first pattern I released & will always have a special place in my heart.  While this pattern can be made with any fabric... I've made it 6 times now!  This stack of 4 of them also shows my love of bias cut striped binding!!

 I have even made Opposites Attract in Cuddle by Shannon Fabrics with help from Candi


Here are some of the outtakes from taking the new cover photo!

Detail close up before washing.

I started out by using the fence in our backyard.

I love how the lighting in this photo really shows the crinkly softness that comes from washing a quilt.

oh the wind...

more wind...

the wind stopped... but the lighting wasn't right

how about a bench?

next stop, our neighbor's driveway! I liked how the curve of their path worked with the curves in Opposites Attract.

The back of my quilt. I pieced my label into a strip of leftover fabrics. Then I added more Kona Peacock on both sides to complete the back.

 A close up after washing!

For even more photos of Opposites Attract you can check out my Pattern Development Process, a post from last spring.

I love all my opposites attract quilts, but I think this one is my favorite. Do you have a favorite?

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mascanlon said...

I am always a total sucker for blues but the cuddle quilt is pretty darn cute too.

kitty said...

Great Pattern! I prefer the beautiful version in Lanikai, although I like the Anne Kelly version with the chocolate Kona a lot. The binding there is absolutely perfect!

Cindy said...

Well now darn it! I already made 2of seeing it in the blue, I'm going to have to make more! :) LOVE it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Love the purple version!

Shannon Wallace said...

Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed all of the lovely photos in different lighting. My MIL loves circles (and she is a quilter), so I am going to buy this pattern today and get started making her a full size for her bed! thanks!

Zuzan said...

Love the blues just that bit more than the purple one.

My favourite form of quilting is anything circular or part circles or curves. Thank you for this pattern.

It is on my to do list.

Zuzan said...

Blue, then purple are my favourite colours with grey as a neutral. Circles or part circles or curves are
my favourite quilts.
So thank you for sharing this quilt, Julie.
I look forward to making it,