Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The People of Quilt Market

Yes I'm alive.
I know it isn't like me to go a week without posting...

I still have some major Blogging ADD...
and I did paint... my room is almost done.  Once it is I promise to show photos... it looks amazing!


I'm SUPER behind in my Quilt Market Recap posts... so even though this was a month ago... here is a bit more.  This post is about the people of Quilt Market.  I didn't take many photos this year... but here is what I have.  

Jana and Rachel hamming it up with the Fat Quarter Shop crew.

Jessica Levitt signing her new book for me.
{Photo from Angela Walters}

Valori Wells, Me & Susan of The Village Quilter
{Photo from Susan}

 Sandy Klop
I love Sandy & her hubby Stan... they are always super sweet.

Hanging out with Katy

Jessica & I went to support Kim at her book signing. 

Vanessa & Emily... being silly at the end of the day

and last but not least...
me & my bff
Rachel & I were both at market for a short time... but we made the most of it.
...and I even got a neptune present out of it! {more on that when I show you my room!}
{this photo also shows you a peek at the soon to be released book from none other than miss Tula Pink... eek!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into some of the people of market.

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Sandy said...

Thanks for some more "faces" of quilt market! Can't wait to see your bedroom finished.

mascanlon said...

Well as always you got a lot done in a short while! Looking forward to the big room "reveal".

Helen L said...

Love your pics, and you are such a cute young woman!! I admire your creations and hope I get to meet you some day: you seem like a doll :-)

Unknown said...

Aaahhh... you guys look so cute!!

miss ya!

Queenie Believe said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

rachel griffith said...

#1: that pic of me, steph & jana is like the bestest pic EVER. it's priceless. -"it looks like we're taking an engagement pic yall."

#2: it's me & you!!! <3

Anonymous said...

So jealous that people besides me got to hang out with you! lol Love you!!!!