Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Biscuit - Pincushion Pattern

Biscuit is my 2nd little pattern!

After a few requests from Local Quilt Shops I decided to put my pincushions together into a pattern.  The pattern is full of new illustrations, better instructions and a template option as well.

Biscuit - JBQ 114

The "little patterns" will cost $6.50
They are smaller {4.5" x 6"} and super cute!
{and still printed in FULL color... and fully illustrated!}

Here is the back of the pattern.
It shows a few more options.

The cover shoot for this pattern wasn't too hectic.  I knew I wanted the pincushion to be big... take up most of the cover... & that I wanted two of them in the photo.  After that it was just playing with the arrangement, lighting, camera lenses etc.

Here is a collage of a few that didn't make the cut.

One of the cover pincushions is made in Hello Luscious by Basic Grey.  I immediately fell in love with the blue prints and quickly made the pincushion.  They are very fast to whip up!  Here is the blue one full of crushed walnut shells. {The pink one is empty in the photo since I ran out.}
{They will be at market in the Basic Grey booth!}


I'm a busy bee over here getting ready for market.  This will be market #5... and while you'd think I would have learned to not work up until the last minute... nope... hasn't happened!


Come back tomorrow to learn more about Come What May!

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JudyCinNC said...

Congratulations on the new patter Julie - love them - have fun at market. JudyCinNC

Unknown said...

Looks great, but I can't use walnut shells (child with allergies). Any other suggestions???

Brad Herman said...

They are very cute.
Mary: Instead of walnut shells you could probably use little plastic pellets, about the size of BBs. I think craft stores should have them.

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Adorable pin cushions! Love the Hello Luscious fabric!!! TFS

Joelle said...

My dog has eaten three pin cushions. They were full of sawdust. I wonder what he would do with walnut shells- it might be MORE attractive. Of course, this is the dog who thought that yuck no chew spray was a tasty treat. Who knows what his tastes in pincuschion stuffing is.

Clothesline Club said...

Way cute! Can't wait to catch up with you at Market. Looking forward to seeing all your new stuff.

sonia said...

Love the insights you are giving us on your photo shooting! Have fun at market, relax and enjoy yourself. Best wishes!

mascanlon said...

Have a ball at market! I love the pink pincushion.
If I don't have walnut shells I've been using the little plastic pellets for weight surrounded by stuffing, makes a nice balance.