Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lizzy House + Amy Butler = Joy!

The full story of my new Cosmo Bag

It beings with this fabric finding it's way into my suitcase.

Pearl Bracelet Laminate
by Lizzy House for Andover

I remembered that a while back Kathy from Pink Chalk did an entire post about sewing with Laminated Cottons. Over the course of this year I've been buying them but hadn't taken the leap to actually make anything with them. {sad I know...} So before just jumping in and sewing with my new fabric I re-read Kathy's post so that I would know how to handle the fabric. If you are new to sewing with Laminates I recommend reading her post.

I didn't have many issues with the fabric. The biggest problem I had was that sometimes the fusible interfacing didn't want to adhere to the fabric. I think this was mostly due to the challenge of getting enough heat to go through the pressing sheet I was using.

At Quilt Market I had the opportunity to buy Amy Butler's new book Style Stitches and have her sign it. I've had the book on my wish list so I decided to go for it.

Here is the cover of Amy's new Book

I've met Amy before but this was the first time we took a photo together. Thank you to the nice person in line who suggested it... since I never seem to remember!


So this is where the two come together. As soon as I got the fabric I knew I wanted to make a bag from it. What better bag to make than one from the new book I just bought! {In general I try out new patterns on random fabric first... but I just went for it with this one.}

Navy Linen from my Week #3 stash report
Amy Butler's new book Style Stitches
Pearl Bracelet Laminate by Lizzy House for Andover
One amazing new huge bag.

I used some Flutterby by Tula Pink for the lining

 This bag is called "Cosmo" and is the bag featured on the cover of the book.

 The side pockets look cool... but I wonder about their function. I also cut a hard base for the bag and added it on the inside after I was finished. Despite all the interfacing the bottom just did not want to hold it's shape on it's own.

...and I'm not gonna lie and tell you that this was easy peasy. It is listed under the "easy" section of the book, but it still did take some work. I also found the inside pocket design to be less than ideal. Overall I'm happy with the bag & glad that I made it. Next time I'd just change some of the pockets. 

There are a few more projects in the book I plan on making... but I'm in no hurry!

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Mary said...

LOVE your fabric choice! Did you have much difficulty working with the laminate? I have a yard of Amy Butler laminate but haven't decided what to make with it yet. I love the idea of using it for a bag.

I'm a huge fan of Style Stitches too. The Cosmo bag is definitely next on my list.

Jansie said...

Ooohh...well done! I like your version better than the one on the cover! I didn't realize that fabric was vinyl that right? It's really, really cool looking.

Elena said...

Gorgeous! It's simple, but super fun!
Can I ask, what did you use for the hard base? I've tried several materials and can't seem to settle on anything.

mascanlon said...

I so appreciate the fact you do " full disclosure" on your posts Julie. And the issue with the bottom is one that often comes up except with patterns from Lazy Girls which adds the pre cut plexi glass bottoms to deal with it.

KarrieLyne said...


Totally cuuuuutttteee bag!!!

One question though...are you really short or is Amy really tall? ;)

larissa said...

Great bag, and great post. I love hearing the pros AND cons of a project. I haven't tried laminates yet but your cool shiny bag has inspired me to add to my to-do list.

Grace said...

Love that fabric! The side pockets could work well for a cell phone- easy access.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Nice job!!! I love the bag. I know what you mean about patterns marked "easy"....I often find that word confusing. But then again, you gotta remember that is how I find most things in life!!! LOL


Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

I'm with Grace on using outer pockets for the phone - I can never hear mine ringing from the depths of my bag, plus it's a nightmare to hunt it out. I dedicate a single outer pocket to mine and know that when I reach in there, that's all I'll find.

Gorgeous bag and fabric choices, BTW!

Unknown said...

love that style of bag, just not sure i'd like that laminate

alobsiger said...

Your bag looks great! Also glad to hear confirmation that I shouldn't get ahead of myself with the patterns as I realllllly like the Blossom bag but think I'd better slow down and start from the beginning of the book. Lovely!

Amanda Murphy said...

Beautiful! I ahve this bag cut out but have yet to start sewing - you have inspired me!

Anonymous said...

You have indeed been creative!! LOVE this bag!!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful fabric and love the bag! I haven't worked with laminated fabric yet.

jenni said...

Man alive. I love love love the navy linen with Lizzy's darling laminate!

Sinta Renee said...

I love your AB purse! Fantastic job on it. The fabric you picked was a great choice for it. Annnd look at you, you got to have a photo with Amy too!

Robin said...

Beautiful bag! Thanks for sharing your experiences in making it. :)